sebamed clear face gel review

Sebamed Clear Face Gel Review: Benefits, Shades and True Experience

sebamed clear face gel review
sebamed clear face gel review

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Do you have oily skin? Then I am sure that you struggle with the moisturizers. Most moisturizers are ineffective on oily skin. I have used hundreds of products to keep my oily skin hydrated. But only face gels have been successful. Instead of retaining the moisture, the creams wash out almost instantly, but gel stays. Therefore, over the years, I’ve used nearly every face gel available in the market. Today, I am going to share my experience with Sebamed Clear Face Gel. Apart from the Sebamed Clear Face Gel Review, I will also discuss the positives and negatives of using a gel over the conventional moisturizers. So let’s get started. 

Initial Expressions of Sebamed Clear Face Gel

Sebamed has kept the packaging traditionally simple. It doesn’t flaunt the branding like other products. You’ll notice a very subtle design that seems appealing. Moreover, the application of the gel is also straightforward. You can use a small quantity of Sebamed clear face gel to cover your whole face. The aloe vera extracts present in the gel kept my skin soft and hydrated. My skin stayed baby soft throughout the day. The lightweight of Sebamed face gel is easy to carry with makeup. From the very first use, I was sure that I am going to enjoy the company of Sebamed face gel.

Texture and Feel of Sebamed Clear Face Gel

The surface of the clear gel is exactly what you’ll imagine when you hear “gel.” It is slimy and spreads on the skin evenly. A couple of drops are enough to cover the whole face. I never felt that there is any extra weight on my face. Most creams that claim to be oil-free do not even come close to Sebamed’s offering. Usually, it was not easy for me to hide the oiliness. I used to spend hundreds of dollars to get the right texture on my skin. Sebamed clear face gel became my best friend since the day we first met. Picking this simple packaging over the other shiny brands was the decision that changed my makeup drawer. 

The Sebamed clear face gel replaced a bunch of products that I used to control the oil on my skin. It is one of the purest face gels available in the market. Moreover, your skin will have its natural texture after the application. So, you can flaunt your natural beauty effortlessly.

The Efficiency of Sebamed Clear Face Gel

I have no complaints about the efficiency of this face gel. Sebamed has lived up to the claim of keeping the face 100% oil-free. The aloe vera extracts and glycerin retain the moisture for more than 10 hours easily. You’ll find the gel acts as an outer layer over the skin to protect it from external damage. The Sebamed clear face gel is not exclusive for oily skin only. If you have dry skin, the face gel can rejuvenate the moisture in your skin. However, you’ll need to prep your face with a moisturizing face wash first. Other than that, I don’t think anyone can disagree with my Sebamed Clear Face Gel review after trying it once.

Pros and Cons of Sebamed Clear Face Gel


  • The face gel helps reduce the glossy look of an oily face.
  • After regular application, the skin retains its moisture for long.
  • The Sebamed clear face gel dries up quickly and leaves no trace on the face. Moreover, it is very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • There are no parabens among the ingredients of Sebamed Clear Face Gel.


  • The price is on the higher side than the competitors.
  • There is no SPF protection in the face gel.

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The Sebamed clear face gel is one of the best gels to reduce the blemishes. You can use it daily without any hassle. I found the face gel to be one of the lightest in the market. I can recommend it without any second thoughts to everyone with an oily face.

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