ponds bb cream

The Ultimate Review of Ponds BB Cream: Benefits, Shades, and Efficiency

ponds bb cream
ponds bb cream

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Greetings to all the readers of Hauteher. Today we are testing another BB cream that can help reduce your daily makeup worries. Ponds BB cream is the product on the stake this time, and we’re going to tell you whether you should buy it or not. 

BB creams are light on the skin. Therefore, they are a better choice over traditional foundations. You can use BB cream daily to get a ‘no-makeup’ look effortlessly. Among the lightweight BB creams, Ponds has made its name with the white beauty BB+ cream. Ponds claims that their offering can improve the fairness of the skin. So, let’s test the truth behind these promises today. Here’s our ultimate review of Ponds BB+ cream. 

Initial Impressions

Ponds bb cream have kept the outer shell very light and easy to carry. The squeezable tube is compact enough to carry in small clutches too. Just like packaging, the BB cream is also very light on the skin. I felt that my skin remained very light and breathable throughout the day. My daily routine involves a lot of time in the sun. Most foundations make the makeup heavy, and thus, I feel an urge to wash my face often. But Ponds BB cream came in as the perfect alternative for all these issues. I now carry my regular 

Texture and Feel of Ponds BB Cream

The composition of the cream is not extraordinary. Just like the usual BB creams, it is very smooth and feels like a lotion. There is no extra weight that you’ll feel. But this comes with a little gimmick. The BB cream is not able to hold heavy-duty makeup. Do not expect this to become your companion to get party-ready. However, I would recommend the Ponds BB+ cream for a natural look any day. I feel like my dream of having an always-ready look is now fulfilled.

The efficiency of Ponds BB Cream

Ponds produces one of the most budget-friendly yet efficient beauty products. The BB+ cream is no exception in any way. Even small dots of Ponds BB cream are enough to cover your face. You can use a minimal quantity of the cream to get a smooth finish.

Moreover, it was able to hide the acne and blemishes to a great extent. I was not expecting a light BB cream to be this effective in suppressing the unwanted marks. But still, the experience was above my expectations. I keep this handy tube in my purse all the time to get a fresh feel anytime.

Pros and Cons of Ponds BB Cream


  • The Ponds BB+ cream is very light on the skin. 
  • The colour blends instantly with the skin.
  • There is a soft glow on the face after using the BB cream.
  • It is SPF 30PA++ rated to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • The packaging is very light and compact to carry.


  • The biggest downside is that there is only one shade of Ponds BB cream. While it is efficient, it still isn’t a match for the skin tone specific BB creams.
  • You can not expect this light BB cream to hide all your facial imperfections. It can conceal faded blemishes, but the Ponds BB+ is not a solution for dark circles and acne marks.

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My overall experience of Ponds BB is very positive. I don’t have any big complaints from the product. However, the lack of choice in the shades is a small let down. Apart from this, there is no reason for not choosing the Ponds BB+ cream like your regular makeup base. I am sure you will love this product. 

Have you used the Ponds White Beauty BB+ cream? Tell us in the comments.

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