How long does Coronavirus last

How long does Coronavirus last on different surfaces?

How long does Coronavirus last
How long does Coronavirus last

COVID-19 or the Novel Corona Virus is one among the family of different viruses that transmit from Bats. It started to emerge in Wuhan, China, in October 2019, and after that, it spread like wildfire in the whole world. The cure for this virus is not available yet. Which has all the more created panic across the globe, and so strict precautions have been taken all around the world to ensure that people can save themselves from this deadly epidemic.

So how can we ensure our safety as individuals? The most crucial point is that it spreads through human touch and touching those things that come in contact with the infected person. Researchers have found out that it survives on various surfaces for a different amount of time.

Following are the different surfaces and the amount of time COVID 19 survives on them :

Steel and Plastic

The COVID-19 virus has a staying power of up to 72 hours on steel and plastic items. Getting exposed to things made from these can land you in serious trouble. Therefore, wash or sanitize your hands every time you touch a steel or plastic surface to kill the germs quickly. You can also use gloves to keep yourself protected. So the safer, the better.


On copper and also stainless steel, it can last up to 4 hours. It is a reasonable amount of time to get anyone exposed to the deadly Novel Corona Virus. Another surprising study has found out that even if it gets killed, it can still stay active on these metals even after 48 hours of their destruction.

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COVID-19 survives on cardboards and similar surfaces for up to 24 hours, which is another grave concern. It should be kept in mind as these are the surfaces we daily get exposed to in our environment. Something easily available.


Novel Coronavirus can last in the air for some hours. Moreover, it is terrifying to imagine for once that the air we breathe can also lead us towards dangerous viral transmissions. The contamination can also be lethal for some people with weak immune systems and medical issues. But a little bit of relief is that the virus lasts in the air is less than 3 hours.

Common Household Items

Even the everyday household things carry the deadly Corona Virus for hours in them. They can snatch our life and happiness away from us if we are not vigilant. What are those things? The typical household items include tables, chairs, doorknobs, switches, remotes, desks, toilets, and sinks. Studies have found out that COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces for a more extended period as compared to other surfaces. In case the infected person gets in touch with these things, and the same things are exposed to by a healthy individual can easily transmit the virus to a healthy person. So it is essential to disinfect and sanitize your household items regularly so that you and your family stay safe from getting infected by the deadly COVID-19.

Clothes, Curtains, and Handkerchief

Studies also reveal that the COVID-19 virus lasts for around 5-7 hours on cloth-like materials. But exposure to sunlight can reduce that lifetime to only 2 hours. Therefore, it is vital to regularly wash one’s clothes, especially the clothes of the people infected with the virus. So that it doesn’t get transmitted to other human beings. Also, the study shows that COVID-19 cannot stand higher levels of temperature. Its ill effects would not be that severe even if a person gets exposed to it when it turns inactive. So basically, cleanliness and hygiene are the worst enemies of this virus, and to save ourselves from its deadly exposure, we need to maintain proper hygiene.

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Given the extent to which the virus is contagious and the lethal effects it can cause to a human, it is evident that how risky it is for us all if we do not take necessary steps to ensure our safety. We must take care that our hygiene levels are aptly maintained and because the COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus, we need to limit our communications with our near and dear ones for as much time as is necessary and required.

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