CDC CoronaVirus Isolation Precautions

CDC CoronaVirus Isolation Precautions to Follow at Home

CDC CoronaVirus Isolation Precautions
CDC CoronaVirus Isolation Precautions

2019-nCoV is becoming the most contagious disease that humanity has faced in recent years. Even the viruses with high mortality rates like Ebola and Swine Flu are not as quickly spread as the COVID-19. Therefore, it is essential to maintain social distancing while following the protocols laid by the CDC and the government. Self-isolation has risen as an alternative to breaking the chain of infection. CDC always stays vigilant and keeps informing the citizens of our country about the prevention of lethal diseases. Therefore, we should follow the CDC Coronavirus isolation precautions to stay safe at home. 

So, let’s discuss the guidelines suggested by the CDC for isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Firstly, maintain a healthy personal routine. The 2019-nCoV spreads through contact. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene is crucial. The virus can infect various surfaces for long periods. So, wash your hands thoroughly after contacting any surface. 
  2. If you are in contact with an infected person or your household member shows symptoms, call a doctor. Keep monitoring the signs of the patient and also keep a check on your health. As we know, the virus is highly contagious, and even minimal contact can spread the illness. 
  3. Stay separate from the patient and do not use a shared bathroom. Try to avoid contact as much as you can.
  4. Do not allow any guests to visit you during isolation. It may sound rude, but it is best for their health. 
  5. Do not avoid the pets or keep them in isolation. There is no proof so far that the pets can infect humans and vice versa. Therefore, take good care of your furry friends.
  6. The virus doesn’t enter our body through the skin directly. So keep your hands away from mouth, nose, and eyes. Use a sanitizer to get rid of the virus from your hands.
  7. If you are going to take care of a patient, make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves. Moreover, do not reuse any of the covers and gloves. Dispose of them in a closed bin or container. 
  8. Do not share any household items with the infected person. If you use any cloth or rag to clean the vomit, stool, or blood of the patient, throw it away immediately.
  9. Clean all the surfaces of your house with a disinfectant. Give special attention to the surface that is touched most often—for example, tables, staircases, utensils, switches, doorknobs, etc.
  10. If you have any queries, contact a physician. Do not rush to the hospital immediately. There is a higher chance of getting the infection when you step outdoors. Therefore, stay at home unless there is an emergency.

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Here’s a video explaining CDC CoronaVirus Isolation Precautions to Follow at Home

These are the CDC Coronavirus isolation precautions that you need to follow during the quarantine. The fight against the COVID-19 is long, and we need to adopt cautious measures. Therefore, stay at home and reduce the risk of getting infected. 

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