Canine Coronavirus Vaccine Schedule

The Canine Coronavirus Vaccine Schedule and Complete Information

Canine Coronavirus Vaccine Schedule
Canine Coronavirus Vaccine Schedule

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial to understand that not only humans but our pets are under risk too. These furry friends are always there to boost our mood when we feel low. Their whole life revolves around us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to understand their needs and keep them safe. Today we will tell you how to take care of your canine family member and get them vaccinated for Coronavirus. So, let’s get started by understanding the basics of canine Coronavirus first.

What is Canine Coronavirus?

Canine Coronavirus, as the name suggests, is a viral infection affecting dogs, that is highly contagious. Corona in dogs can spread quickly when dogs come into direct contact with the feces of another infected dog. The infection catch holds the pups and old doggies very quickly. Adult dogs, however, are immune to this flu. It attacks their respiratory system and causes symptoms like temperature, puking, and loss of appetite. If your dog is showing any such signs, you should take them to a vet immediately.


There is no standard vaccine to prevent Coronavirus in the dogs. However, a combination dose of canine parvovirus, adenovirus-type 2, and canine distemper virus gives the desired results in most cases. Before you administer any cure, make sure to get your dog checked by an experienced vet. The American Animal Hospital Association considers the combination dosage unnecessary. Therefore, make sure your doctor knows the medical history of your pet before getting them vaccinated.


Unlike the regular injections, the canine coronavirus vaccine doesn’t target the muscles. The vaccine is generally administered under the layer of skin by subcutaneous injection.


Precautions prove to be better than the cures as the vaccine might not be the option generally. Your dog may not be ready for it for the reason of pregnancy, or weak immune system to be able to respond positively towards the vaccination.

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A dog is at high risk of contacting Coronavirus of it touches the poop of the affected dog. The need of the hour is to keep healthy dogs separated from sick dogs. Avoiding dogs to defecate anywhere outside the home would also be risky. It is of great impetus to clean our house with antivirus disinfectant spray. You can sanitize the floor and other surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide. For beddings and other clothes, you can use soap detergent only. 

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Our speechless friends can never tell us what they are feeling. But we, as a human, have to understand their needs and reciprocate. We must make life to our loved pets awesome, just like they make ours. After all, you are the only hope they have. If your dog shows symptoms of canine Coronavirus, take them to a physician immediately and get them treated. 

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