how to wear a bandana

How to Wear a Bandana Easily in Different Ways

how to wear a bandana
how to wear a bandana

Bandanas became a hot trend after the rise of the gangsta rap scene. However, they have been a part of fashion since the 18th century in the form of scarfs. Bandanas are cool and stylish. You can morph them to use as a hair or neck accessory. You can also use it as an arm accessory if you like. But it’s better to learn about the different styles for dynamic styling. In this article, we will teach how to wear a bandana in easy, stylish ways to spice up your look. Let’s dive in and take a look at the different bandana styles and techniques to wear. 

Wearing a Bandana on Hair You can use a bandana to end the bad hair day woes. Wear it in the following styles to give a unique coolness to your hairstyle. 

Simple Knot Bandana A simple knot bandana is the easiest way to end your bad hair day. Brush or comb your hair to remove the tangles in the locks. Then wrap the Bandana around your head once or twice and knot it at the front. If you have messy hair, you can tie them up in a ponytail first. Use the Bandana under the pony to add a new dimension to a usually dull look. Moreover, the simple knot bandana can work wonders with a bun or curly hair too. This classic style will make tu-pac proud. 

Biker-Style Bandana The WWE superstar, Undertaker, made the biker-style Bandana famous in the 90s’. Biker style bandana can entirely hide your hair while looking cool. To make a bandana ready for biker-style, fold it in half. Place the Bandana on your forehead and tie the ends on the back. Like the simple knot, you can tie your hair in a ponytail or bun before you wrap the Bandana. This style is ideal for both short and long hair. 

Bandana Bow Bows are cute and cuddly. But a bandana bow is cute and fierce. To get the bandana bow, roll up the Bandana to make it like a hairband. Then use the band to wrap your head under the neck and tie the ends on the top to form a bow. Make sure the bow sits perfectly on the top or to one side of your head. If you are not familiar with the bows, you’ll have to practice. But the final design is worth all the effort. 

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Sweatband Style Bandana Sweatband styled bandanas are pretty standard due to their easy application. Roll the Bandana, wrap it around your head and tuck the end inside to keep it firm. The sweatband look suits the ponytail the best. You can experiment with versatile styles with the band, though. 

Wearing a Bandana on Neck 

Using a bandana to replace your usual neck accessory is also an option. You can use it as a scarf or as a choker. Here are the different types of Bandana for neck styling. 

Basic Neck Knot Like we mentioned in the head styles, you can knot the Bandana around your neck too. Wrap the band rolled from a bandana around your neck and tie the ends in a knot. You can use the Bandana as a sweatband for your hikes with the knot. It is one of the most functional and chic styles with a bandana. 

Choker Style Bandana Chokers are always a teenage girl’s love. You can use the Bandana as a choker to spare your precious pocket money. Fold the Bandana until you get a thin band. Now follow the steps used to tie the knot, but this time, at the back of your head. You’re ready to flaunt your hip-hop choker. 

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Gangsta Style Bandana Remember the triangular scarf bandana that every rapper used to wear? That’s what we call the gangsta style bandana. Instead of rolling the Bandana, fold it in half. Tie it around your neck and let the triangle hang to the front. 

Masked Bandana The masked Bandana is a rendition of the gangsta style. Wear the Bandana in the gangsta style, but keep it a little loose. You can now pull the scarf up to cover your face. This style is useful if you want to stay incognito or save yourself from pollution. Chic and thoughtful at the same time. 

Bandana as a Wrist Accessory Apart from using as a headband or scarf, you can wrap it around your wrist to emulate a bracelet. It is effortless, and you can experiment with the width and wrapping of the Bandana.

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These were the most used ways to wear a bandana. You can mix these styles with any outfit for a distinct look. Keep following us for similar excellent tips and tricks. Have you tried any of these bandana styles? Tell us in the comments. 

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