lip gloss vs lipstick

Lip Gloss Vs Lipstick – Which One is Right For You?

lip gloss vs lipstick
lip gloss vs lipstick

It’s time to end the ever waging battle of lip gloss vs. lipstick. A beautiful pout is a dream for every woman. Even a simple hint of color on lips is enough to complete your look. But finding the right one between lip gloss and lipstick is a daunting task. The choice depends on the structure and texture of your lips. Before we decide lip gloss vs. lipstick, which one is right for you, let’s understand our mouths.

Our lips are highly delicate; it is crucial to maintain their health for your beauty. The first thing we notice on someone’s face is their smile. So, you can not ignore the health of your lips.

Tips for Healthy Lips and Beautiful Pouts

Tips for Healthy Lips and Beautiful Pouts
Tips for Healthy Lips and Beautiful Pouts
  1. Our lips have a thin layer of skin on them. It is crucial to keep it hydrated. Therefore, drink a lot of water and keep your lips fresh.
  2. Do not lick or touch your lips often. The saliva makes our lips even drier after evaporating. This dryness can cause cracked or chapped lips.
  3. Remove your makeup before you sleep. Do not keep your lips exposed to chemicals overnight. However, you can use petroleum jelly to keep them hydrated while you sleep.
  4. Scrub or massage your lips to improve the blood circulation in the lips. This little routine will help in enhancing the natural color of your lips.
  5. Avoid smoking. The tips of the cigarettes damage the tissues of our lips, making them look burnt and dark.

The Battle of Lip Care – Lip Gloss vs. Lipstick

Lip Gloss Look Vs. Lipstick Look

Most women would agree to the idea that lipsticks give you a ladylike look. You get a polished texture that is fuller in colors. Lip gloss, on the other hand, offers an almost simple look. However, you can find sparkle gloss and dark shades of gloss. They make your lips look juicier.

Perfect Occasion to Wear Lip Gloss Vs. Lipstick

The use of lipstick is more common than lip gloss. But it’s the lip gloss that offers a better regular makeup look. You can use it to spice up the makeup a little. Lipsticks are more suited to special occasions like night outs and parties. If you want to flaunt your natural style, lip glosses offer an authentic naked feel.

Beauty Perks of Lip Gloss Vs. Lipstick

Lipstick adds a sense of pop to your face. Also, you can apply it accurately to cover the shape of your lips. Using it with minimal makeup will enhance your beauty multi-folds. Gloss, on the other hand, is better with bold eye makeup. Also, your pout looks fuller with gloss.

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The Durability of Lip Gloss Vs. Lipstick

Most lip glosses last only around 8 hours. But lipsticks can last you through the day if you are not sipping a lot of coffee. However, there are matte lipsticks that claim to be kiss-proof. But it all depends on your usage. If you eat fried or junk, you’ll have to wipe your mouth. Both gloss and lipstick are not helpful at that point.

So these were the points that decide the war between lip gloss and lipstick. As they say, “It all comes down your preference in the end.” The final choice depends on your outfit and makeup. Try to keep everything balanced to give yourself an exclusive look.

Here’s a video explaining Lip Gloss Vs Lipstick – Which One is Right For You?

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