How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish at Home

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish
How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac Nail Polish is a professional gel nail polish brand for nails. It is one of the most outstanding brands that offer exciting shades, from natural to creative. You would love what this high-quality gel nail polish has to offer. It has a combination of Nail polish and Shellac. Because it appears like nail polish, it is also suitable for nail extensions. Also, it is much more benign than other gel nail polishes out there. As it is in a gel form, it can add firmness and longevity to the nails as well. So are you looking for ways as to how we can remove these shellac nail paints easily? We would help you learn as to what are the steps and means to do the same. Below are listed down various methods in which we would explain how to remove shellac nail polishes.

Removing Shellac nail polish using acetone and foil

The foremost way of removing shellac nail polish is to place cotton balls filled with acetone on each nail. Then wrapping every nail with a separate aluminum foil around them. This method is handy and safe to use. Even salons use the same process for a gel manicure.

Remove Shiny Top Coat

Without further ado, take out your nail file and remove the shiny top layer that keeps the nail polish from chipping. It becomes easy for you to remove shell nail polish after you get rid of this layer. With the help of a gritty nail file, buff off the topcoat. Be sure that your original nails would appear rough and matte. Be careful while filing away the top shiny part so that you do not damage your nails.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

The second step is to apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails. The petroleum jelly would help maintain the moisture of the skin and protect it from the drying effects of acetone. You can also use any other regular moisturizer as it will have a similar impact. 

Place the Cotton Balls on your Nails

Dip some cotton balls in 100% pure acetone and be liberal with it. Place the soaked cotton balls one at a time on each nail.

Wrap the Aluminum Foil

Cover every nail with the cut pieces of aluminum foil around the cotton balls. Aluminum foil helps prevent the acetone from volatilizing, which then gets soaked in nail polish. Hold on for 15-20 minutes. That’s enough, waiting. You can engage yourself in some television programs till that time.

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Check whether the Nail Polish has Come Off

After 20 minutes, the shellac nail polish would automatically fall off the nails. Then without much effort, you will be able to remove the remaining nail polish with an orange stick.

Clean and Wash your Hands

Wash your hands with any gentle soap so that the leftover nail polish or acetone residue gets removed. After properly cleaning your hands apply a moisturizer to protect your nails and skin around them.

Remove Gel Nail Polish by Soaking

Drenching your nails in acetone is yet another way to remove shellac nail polish with ease. Although, this process comparatively takes more time and is not much recommended as it involves soaking your nails in acetone directly.

What You Need 

  • One large bowl
  • One medium bowl
  • Pure acetone
  • Granular Nail file
  • Orange stick
  • Petroleum Jelly

Step By Step Tutorial

Pour Acetone into Warm Water

Fill the giant bowl with lukewarm water. Then take the medium-size bowl and bucket down acetone in it. Place the medium container inside the big pot. Wait for about 5 minutes.

Buff Away the Top Coat

By the time, clean up your nails by buffing out the topcoat with the granular nail file. After you complete the process, it should appear matte. To protect the nails and skin around it from any drying, apply petroleum jelly on them.

Soak your fingers in Warm Acetone

Soak your fingers in warm acetone for 10-15 minutes, or until the nail polish begins to chip off.

Take off the Edges of the Chipping Polish

With the help of an orange stick, push out the chipping polish from the edges. It should quickly come off. You may soak the nails in acetone again if it does not come out quickly.

Clean and Wash Your Hands

By using some good gentle soap, wash off all the leftover nail polish and acetone from the hands. The soap may make your hands dry. Moisturize them thoroughly with the help of a good moisturizer or petroleum jelly. You can also use a nail cream or some cuticle oil.

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How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish without Acetone

File them Off

Cut your nails to make them short and manageable. With a coarse nail file, dust off your nails carefully. Keep blowing the dust away to check whether you have reached your natural nail or not. Once you are there, take a softer nail file and file the leftover residue of the shellac nail polish. Once you file them off, make sure to wash your nails and moisturize them properly.

Here’s a video explaining How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish at Home

So here you are with some sure shot methods that are guaranteed to remove your shellac nail polish safely. These two methods will ensure that you do not waste your time and energy over going to a salon to get your shellac nail polish removed. I am sure you would love these methods and try them out soon. So go ahead and get yourself ready at home in no time!

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