How to Do an Ombre Lip Makeup

How to Do An Ombre Lip Makeup in Easy Steps

How to Do an Ombre Lip Makeup
How to Do an Ombre Lip Makeup

Never believe a guy if he compliments your eyes at the first glance. He didn’t dive right into your eyes; it’s that they think it will work every time. But if we are talking about the lips that takes the game to another level. I don’t know why girls wear makeup on the face when they can kill through their smiles. Those delicate curves damped with the shade of Ferrari red is all it takes to slay a man. The usual ritual of coloring the lips is to use a single shade, but what is the fun in doing things mainstream. Let’s bring a party to the people. You might have heard people saying that they have got the new ombre highlights. Which might seems like a fancy shade, but it’s the blend of two colors. Ombre effect is moving the tones from light to dark while the hues can be of the same segment or different. Ombre isn’t getting popular only through hair coloring, but it is also featuring in nail art, graphic design, home decorations, and even baking. So why not we take it to another level and try it in the category of lip makeup.

A correctly done ombre lip makeup can make you look elegant and glamorous at the same time, but if it’s not entirely up to the mark, it can make you look a bit tacky. To help you out, today we will be learning about different styles of ombre lip makeup and how to do them. I will only suggest that, if you have not done it before, then first try it in your free time as a trial practice so that it does not get messy at the last moment while you are in a hurry. It will also help you out to know the right shade for your lips in contrast to your skin.

Read on to know more about how to do an ombre lip makeup.

Things you should have:

  • Lip balm
  • Lip liner
  • Dark Lipstick
  • Light Lipstick
  • Tissue paper
  • Concealer
  • Lip brush
  • Clear Lip gloss

These items are not too hard to get. If you do the basic makeup, you would already be possessing all of them. You have to find them and bring them to the table.

How to do an Ombre Lip Makeup

If you have flaky/rough lips, apply a lip scrub to smooth them out and then to moisturize them use a lip balm. 

If you have any lip pigmentation, you can use a light concealer to hide them.

Now is the time to define your lips. Take the lip pencil and start lining your lips using short strokes from the top most lip area, and around the corners, try to keep it a bit thicker.

After tracing the lips are entirely, using the same pencil fills the upper lip area.

Use the dark lipstick to top over the areas where the liner was applied earlier.

For a neat finish, blend the lip liner and lipstick evenly with a thin lip brush.

To brighten up the central lip area, fill it with the same concealer used above.

Take a tissue paper and softly blot your lips on it, to remove the excess lipstick and harsh edges.

Now apply the light lipstick directly over the concealer at the center of your lips.

Blend the light lipstick and the already blended dark one with the help of the thin lip brush.

To add volume and a plump effect to your ombre lip makeup, you can apply transparent lip gloss to your lips.

Everything is ready, and now you have the most amazing and dazzling lips one can imagine.

Things You Should Know

Color Selection

Color Selection is the point where everything changes. Selecting the right color according to your skin and your lips is the crucial step in the whole process. It can be transformed into one of the most straightforward selections, too, if you knew it already or you have to be the free-bird and don’t care as confidence is the only essential difference to a charming personality. You can start with selecting a primary lip color then choosing either a lighter or darker shade to the base color of the same hue. The thing that we have to keep in mind is that we have to select those two colors that will create a gradient of your natural lip color. For instance, we can take the cherry red and blend it with blood-red; the tone that these two colors create is phenomenal.


Although ombre is about blending the two colors, thus seems quite simple to do. Still, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, there are various techniques to achieve different results, and you can select from any one of them to meet your required ombre effect. The commonly done ombre is darker at the border. You can try a different approach and do it horizontally across the lips too, which is darker at one corner of the mouth than the other, or you can try to shade one lip in a lighter color than the other. We will be discussing this in length, further.

Two-Tone Effect

Let’s continue where we left off. Lastly, we were talking about having one of the lips with a lighter shade than the other; this technique is a two-tone effect. While working on the basics, this is the most uncomplicated ombre effect as you have to shade one of the lip with the darker color and another with a lighter shade, and now you have to blend them at the inner side of the lips. It might be the easiest one, but to the surprise, it can be one that can blow away everyone as soon as you enter the room. As there is no compulsion to use the same shade of the hue, you are a free bird, and you can experiment with different and unique combinations of your choice of liking.

The Outer Devil

The outer devil is the basic style of an ombre effect, but it is still one of the classics. With this technique, you have to line your lips with the lip liner, which must be a single or two shades darker than your light lipstick color; try to keep the line a bit thick. Now leaving out the innermost part, apply the base lipstick such that it is slightly overlapping the liner. Use the lighter lipstick in the intimate part of the lips, and even it all you can top off the clean lip gloss.

The Inner Devil

As the name suggests, this is a vice versa of the outer devil. In this technique, we will be reversing the color selection that is from dark to light will now be converted into light to dark section. In the innermost part of the lips, apply the dark lipstick. Moving outwards, try to create a single gradient of the dark shade with the light one. Now instead of using lip liner, we will be leaving the outermost part of the lips with its neutral color. The only thing to need to take care of is that you have to be very careful in selecting the color so that it can blend with your natural lip color. 

Oomph Effect

Now it is time to get serious. The above techniques are well to do, but this one will be your next favorite I can guarantee that. This method provides you with the oomph red ombre lips. For this technique, you will require a dark brown/black lipstick or liner to trace a line around the lips and make it a bit thicker in the inner corners of your mouth and on the lower lip. Now with a deep color lipstick (preferably a wine shade), counter it over. For the final step, apply a bright red lipstick all over your lips and use a clear gloss to smudge it properly. If you want to use a deep red shade of lipstick, you can skip the wine color lipstick.

Other Gradients

Once you become an expert in the basic techniques, and are now familiar with the different styles. You can now help yourself to experiment with different colors to make new gradients. It’s like being in kindergarten again, and getting a box full of colors to play to draw according to your imagination. Now everything depends on your creativity and sense of color combinations. To create a perfect ombre effect, you do not require to select colors from the same hue; you can choose colors from different tones; all you need to do is blend them properly and don’t care. Be the free bird.

If you want to try, for your first experiment, I guess you should go with pink and purple as these colors will provide an intense and vibrant effect if these are blended perfectly. The ombre effect produced by them will be a sight to behold.

Here’s a video explaining How to Do An Ombre Lip Makeup in Easy Steps

We at Hauteher, love to know more about your adventures. So do share your ombre lip makeup experiments with us through our comment section. We always welcome suggestions and ideas from you, don’t be shy to share them as well.

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