How To Do Medicine Ball Slams

How To Do Medicine Ball Slams At Home With Proper Posture

How To Do Medicine Ball Slams
How To Do Medicine Ball Slams

If you are looking to enhance or develop your core strength, endurance, and power at home with not so expensive equipments, you are in luck as today we are about to discuss how to do medicine ball slams at home with proper posture and its benefits. Medicine ball does not only help in burning a few of your calories, instead it’s a very energetic and sturdy full-body workout. Medicine ball helps you work on your shoulders, triceps, arms, abs, hips, thighs, and calves muscles; thus, it’s a complete workout that you are missing on. Medicine ball slams might seem easy to do, but incorrectly performing a single medicine ball slam can result in muscle strain, which is indeed very painful and will put you in the bed for the rest of the week.

To avoid that, read on to know more about; how to do medicine ball slams with proper posture at home and the health benefits it provides.

How To Do Medicine Ball Slams

We will get to the step by step tutorial on the correct and proper posters for medicine ball slams. But first, you should know which medicine ball to choose from for your desired progress, as there are various medicine balls for different routines and purposes.

Which Medicine Ball You Should Choose?

Which Medicine Ball You Should Choose
Which Medicine Ball You Should Choose

As we have already established, medicine balls come in various forms and types, but the most common question we follow is- What is the difference between a medicine ball and a slamball? Well, the Slamball is a type of medicine ball. There is only a slight difference with them, although both slam and medicine balls come in size ranging from a softball to slightly bigger than that of a basketball, weighing from 2-50 lbs.

The difference that separates both of them is the shell of the ball. Slam balls have a tough rubber shell to absorb the impact so that it does not bounce back after hitting the hard ground with the high velocity, whereas the outer shell of a medicine ball is of leather, rubber, or plastic. So the thing that you have to keep in mind is that whether you want your medicine ball to bounce back or stay on the ground during your workout.

These balls are great for adding variation in your daily workout. If you exercise alone, you can use them for squats, sit-ups, lunges, planks, push-ups, board jumps, and favorite overhead slams. And if you have a partner for exercise that’s just a bonus with these balls, you can add overhead passes, chest passes, crunch throws, and rotational abdominal work to your workout routine.

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slams
Medicine Ball Slams

Select the medicine ball that doesn’t bounce, as the ones that bounce back, will surely hit your face and hurt like hell. Once you have chosen the ball, now is the time to tell you about the right posture and how to do medicine ball slams. 

● Like doing squats, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and knees slightly bent.

● Hold the slam ball at your torso. Engage your core and roll your shoulder back to get into the right posture.

● Now squat down slightly and extend your knees and hips as you power up the upward swing of your arms, breathe in, and lift the medicine ball above your head.

● Keep your arms straight and not leaning back as the ball should be straight overhead.

● Bend your knees and press your hips, using your core and arm strength slam the medicine ball straight down with all the force you can apply.

● Keep your arms relatively straight and exhale as you throw the ball down.

● Pick up the ball from the ground, doing a squat down, and do the next immediately until you complete the full-set of slams. 

Note: The most important thing to focus on is to concentrate on breathing. Breath in on the lift and out on the throw.

The Target Muscles

The medicine ball slam is a full-body workout. It primarily focuses on the core of the body, then works in developing deltoids of the shoulders, lats of the upper back, triceps, and biceps of the arms. These ball slams helps in forming abs as it works on the abdominals. It also enhances the strength in quads, hamstrings, and calves of the legs, while tightening the glutes to shape your hips up.

Benefits Of The Medicine Ball Slam 

Benefits Of The Medicine Ball Slam 
Benefits Of The Medicine Ball Slam

The medicine ball slam does not only helps in developing and enhancing muscles and endurance, but it also has certain other benefits mentioned below.

● Full-body exercise

● It burns a high amount of calories

● Enhance the endurance

● Develops muscles

● An exclusive strength training

● Improves stamina

● Full body muscle tone

● Improve sports performance

● Positive effect on eye and body coordination

● Vigorous core and abdominal training

● Burns fat 

● Improves cardiometabolic stimulus

● Best exercise for motor and functional fitness

Common Mistakes And Precautions

I believe; prevention is better than cure. Here are some of the facts and tips that you should keep in mind before doing medicine ball slam workout.

● Before starting your workout, always do warm-ups such as jumping jacks and stretching. Warming up will help you with the exercise and will be beneficial in the long run. Warming up prevents you from having any injury and muscle strain.

● Always check the bounce and weight of the ball. If the ball has a rebound, do not slam the ball in between your feet. Slam it a bit forward, so it does not target your face and hit it directly, leaving you toothless.

● If it’s your first time, do not go for the most massive ball. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or what you lift on the bench, as this workout is not about lifting the weight. The main motive of medicine ball slam is to put your entire body in slamming the ball with as much force and velocity as possible. Using a heavy ball makes its way more complicated and will slow you down, preventing you from engaging as much power and force as you might with the lighter ball. So always pick the ball with the right weight.

● In the initial stage, try to find a trainer or ask your friend to check if you have a proper posture.

● Doing too much too soon will wear you out and compromise your form. In the starting, limit your sets and reps to 3-5 sets of 8 – 10 reps and have plenty of rest between them.

● The key is to do each rep as quickly as you can with the perfect form and force. If done correctly, eight reps of overhead slams is a tough challenge.

Here’s a video explaining How To Do Medicine Ball Slams At Home With Proper Posture

These were some of the common mistakes and their precautions to be taken care of while performing medicine ball slams. So next time, if you wish to perform a full-body workout, you know what to do and how to do the medicine ball slams with proper posture at home. Do share your improvements and all the fun that you had doing the medicine ball slams through our comment section. We at Hauteher appreciate your opinions and suggestions.

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