Cardio Exercises

Best Cardio Exercises to Start Your Day Energetically

Cardio Exercises
Cardio Exercises

Nothing can be better than starting your day with a couple of cardiovascular exercises, also called cardio or aerobic exercises, which can add extra hours of energy to your daily work. One must inculcate a habit of regularly working out in the morning for a healthy body. An aerobic routine will not only give you a fresh start but will also ensure that you remain active throughout the day. There are enumerable benefits of cardio if you make it a habit of working out daily for half an hour or one hour in the morning before going to work or sitting for some task. So let us begin by listing down the essential information that would help you understand the benefits of working out.

Benefits of Regular Cardio Exercises

Good for weight loss

The most talked-about benefit of cardio is that it cuts down excess weight and burns calories. It is the quickest and easiest way to reduce fat for anyone. Also, it is in no way harmful for the body, unlike weight loss surgeries and medications, which harm our body in numerous ways. If you dream of achieving the perfect figure, this is just the right thing for you. Add some aerobics in your routine list, and you will see the magic!

Strengthens the heart

Cardiovascular exercise – the term itself says it all. It means activities that focus on the heart. Cardio makes the heart beat faster and harder, making the heart muscles healthy. Aerobics will enable the heart to pump blood efficiently. Therefore, heart problems stay at bay. People suffering from heart diseases should necessarily add cardio in their daily routine to boost their fitness.

Reduced Diseases

Cardio can also help reduce other diseases from the body. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lung ailments, to name a few.

Reduced Depression

Regular cardio also helps in battling mental ailments like depression, stress, anxiety, and abnormal mood swings. Stress frequently disturbs our mental peace and inhibit our working efficiency. By following a regular cardio routine in the morning, our body’s oxytocin levels improve. As a result, we get unprecedented peace and stress-free life.

Increased Confidence

As our body’s Oxytocin (The Happy Hormone) levels improve with the help of regular cardio, we’re able to strengthen our confidence on a grander scale. Moreover, it helps enhance our focus and memory, making us sharper than before. We would automatically witness an improvement in our working capacity due to better focus at work and all this because of exercising regularly.

Improved Sex Life

Regular cardio helps in improving the testosterone levels in our body, which is an essential hormone for good sex life. 

Fights Insomnia

It enables a sound sleep for our body by improving our body’s capacity to fight insomnia. With aerobics, we get an adequate amount of oxygen pumped in the blood. As a result, the balance between the hormones gets restored, and also the natural sleep pattern. A night of sound sleep also provides a positive mindset and energy.

Enhances Personality

With regular cardio exercises, we will be able to notice drastic positive changes in our personality as it improves confidence at a significant level. Moreover, our body postures improve to a great extent, and we start to witness high self-esteem. All this adds up in shaping and enhancing our personality, and we begin to feel happy about ourselves. With improved personality, people get instantly attracted to us, and we’re able to improve our social circle as well. 

Improves Flexibility

It helps in enhancing the flexibility of our body, and we’re able to perform any task with ease. It helps in reducing the rigidity of our body, which is a massive roadblock for us when it comes to performing physical tasks. Greater flexibility is always good for the body.


It is natural that when we perform strenuous exercises, we tend to sweat a lot. With sweat, toxins get removed from our bodies, enabling us to remain all the more fresh and healthy. It also adds an extra glow to our skin when these regular exercises detoxify our bodies. It miraculously works on our skin, and we can easily witness the benefits in a short period.

Energetic Cardio Exercises to Start Your Day

One thing that is necessary before performing any strenuous exercises is to get ready before actually diving straight into it by a little bit of warm-up. That can add an extra kick to your cardio, and you will feel all the more energetic before the session. 

Following are a list of cardiovascular exercises you must add in your daily workout routine :

Skipping/Jumping Rope

It is an instant way to burn down calories and fat from the body, thus giving fast results if done with high intensity. You need to hold the rope in your hands while standing erect. Keep your hands at least a foot away from your body. You need to hop while swinging the rope from back to front by twisting the sides smoothly. For starters, you may perform 1-2 sets of skipping, thereby increasing it slowly day by day.


Burpees involve the entire body, so it is one of the best activities to include in your daily fitness regime. Firstly you need to stand erect while keeping your feet together and get down to a squat position. Now place your hands on the ground so that you can jump your feet back to perform a single push-up. Now jump back to the previous position while standing erect and hands lifted in the air. Repeat this in 2 sets of 20 reps in the beginning.

Surya Namaskar

This one of kind cardio contains 12 yoga asanas which are equal to 112 other asanas in yoga. It is the best workout among all. Begin by standing erect and folding hands close to your chest, then swing your hands backward and bring them back, taking them towards the ground to touch your feet. Then stretch your left leg backward, and right leg placed in front and hands on either side of the right leg, then take the right leg back with beside the left leg and stand in a V shape position. Now get flat on your belly and stretch your torso out. Come into the V shape position and repeat the same steps, but this time by stretching the right leg backward. Then stand on your feet and place your hands on your feet and finally stand erect and swing, taking your hand back. Finally, bring your folded hands close to your chest in a namaskar position. A couple of sets of Surya Namaskar are enough to boost your day. However, you can increase the number of sets gradually.

Jumping Jack

An excellent exercise for toning and tightening your abs and muscles, jumping jack should be a top priority in your workout list. Stand erect with arms on either side of the body and bounce while stretching your arms and legs as wide as possible. Then jump back to the same upright position. Complete four to five sets of the same exercise.

Box Jump

Box jump challenges the lower part of our body, i.e., thighs and buttocks. Stand upright in an athletic position with your feet slightly apart away from the box in front of you. Get down to a squat position, then swing your arms and push your feet off like a frog and land on the box with a jump. Practice with 3-5 sets of 3 reps each daily.

Here’s a video explaining Best Cardio Exercises to Start Your Day Energetically

In this modern era of increased workload and activities, it has become all the more critical that we find time for ourselves. Because of increased stress levels, it has become a necessity that we practice some healthy workout regimes. We can tackle the growing mental and physical health issues with cardio routines. Also, the fantastic results of these exercises are visible to us as well as others around us. Our body should get the love it deserves, and our brain should get the peace it deserves. So start your day with cardio exercises and win the day!

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