What Does Cranberry Juice Do

What Does Cranberry Juice Do for Health and Fitness?

What Does Cranberry Juice Do
What Does Cranberry Juice Do

No one tells you what to do with berries. Well, I am here, Ain’t I? So make a paste and paint some of your art on the canvas. No joke, in the past, berries were the most profoundly used to create colors by the artist. Today, we will be focusing on Cranberries. The best in the valley, be it in the taste, benefits of them, or just the texture. They are the ones to die for, and they will still help you to get back to life again. Don’t worry. I am not here really to make a deep scarlet foxy cherry red color with these berries. I like to share with you what does cranberry juice do for health and fitness.

Cranberries are native berries of Britain and North America. The shrubs on which they grow are evergreen dwarf shrubs; the harvest season is from mid-September to mid-November. That’s the time to get them fresh from the farmers market till January, although frozen cranberries can be purchased online. The best substitute to get the benefits for the whole year is through juice, which is readily available for consumption.

Read on to know what does cranberry juice do? These berries are often said to be the superfood. Due to high amounts of antioxidants, essential organic acids, dietary fiber, and vitamin C present in them, they help us improve our bodies in many aspects, some of them are.

Glowing Skin

The main reason that cranberry raised in the list of consumption is for the sole purpose of getting glowing skin. And why not, what do we need to get a glowing smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Lots of water, antioxidants, and vitamin C. All these three requirements translate themselves to ‘Cranberries’ itself. A single cranberry is 98% water and has high concentrations of antioxidants with a minimum of 24% of vitamin C. A handful of cranberries in the breakfast and again in the evening will take you on the path of glowing and flawless skin.

Cholesterol Level

Today one of the most commonly occurring reasons for bad health is the abnormal rise in the cholesterol level. Though there is good cholesterol, which is denoted by HDL, we have to worry about the bad ones, which are called LDL. To our rescue, cranberries are always there fighting for our health. If taken in the proper amount, cranberries increase the HDL level in our blood. Which also helps us with obesity and diabetes.

Cardiovascular Health

In layman terms, cranberries are suitable for the heart. The presence of those antioxidants in cranberries helps in improving our blood by regulating triglycerides because of polyphonic compounds. The anti-inflammatory agents help in reducing blood pressure on the veins and further on the heart. Thus cranberries help to keep heart attack at bay.

Gut Recovery

That seductive robust red color of cranberries is not just something that brightens your kitchen counter or the top of your dining table. The Proanthocyanidins pigments cause this color. According to a study, these pigments help in restoring the innermost cells of the gut lining while killing the harmful microbes that threats these cells. They also help in curing ulcers and the usual wear and tear. Moreover, cranberries are a rich source of soluble fiber, and fibers are always helpful in keeping our gut healthy.

Oral Health

Cranberries aren’t a rich source of calcium, but still, they help in keeping our teeth secure and mouth germs free. They do not let biofilms form on the teeth and gums. And its antioxidants help to keep the mouth fresh and healthy.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)

What puts cranberries to the hall of fame is the capability to cure and prevent urinary tract infections. UIT is the main reason for many of the studies that have cranberries, which suggests that the flavonoids from the cranberries stop the harmful bacteria from getting attached to the cell lining of the urinary tract. Therefore, helping with the UTIs.

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Kidney Health

Kidneys are the most important organ for the filtration of the blood, and thus they get visited by a lot of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, they are most vulnerable to UTIs.

Cranberry’s flavonoids are most helpful in preventing kidneys from such bacterias. Also, anthocyanidins present in cranberries are super useful in preventing inflammation in the kidneys.

Pregnancy Infections

Women, while going through pregnancy needs, a lot of attention and a proper diet containing the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, and whatnot. Cranberries are most favorable during this time, as the body is going through a lot of changes and creating lots of discharge. Bacterial infections are always a risk, but not to worry, cranberries are there for you as they help through UTIs.

Prostate Disorder

If cranberries cure or help in prostate disorder, it can not be confirmed, but in some instances of UTIs and prostate studies. The records show a positive effect for both cases. So, if you don’t have a prostate disorder yet and regularly add cranberries to your diet, it will never knock on your door.

Boost Immunity

As above, we have already made it clear that these berries help us out with harmful bacterias and cleanse our blood too. While researching, I was even going through some studies which claimed that Cranberries helped in fighting with cancerous cells. So it is safe to assume they help us in boosting our immune system.

Here’s a video explaining What Does Cranberry Juice Do for Health and Fitness?

These are some of the main benefits of cranberries. And for the consumption, Cranberries can be eaten raw after washing them properly. They can transform into a tasty jam, sauce, or the spread as per the choice and available time on your hand. For a refreshing summer drink or to add some extra vitamins to your breakfast, a glass of cranberry juice is advisable. Moreover, cranberry juice is best for making cocktails too. Many people fancy it with vodka. It will get you hammered for sure but will help you to detox simultaneously also.

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