Sweet Potato Diet

Benefits of Sweet Potato Diet – Easy Weight Loss Therapy

Sweet Potato Diet
Sweet Potato Diet

Root vegetables are very famous for weight loss. Sweet potato is another good option to reduce the carbs in your body. Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potato is rich in fibres vitamins and minerals. Sweet potato is scientifically proven to reduce the fats in the body. But what exactly makes sweet potato the better alternative to the potato. In this article, we discuss all the benefits and side effects of including sweet potatoes in your diet. Let’s dive in understanding the benefits of sweet potato diet for weight loss.

Sweet Potato Diet Basics

Choosing the best diet is crucial for weight loss. No matter how much you concentrate on your daily workout, itis a waste until you control your dietary habits. Sweet potato diet helps you control the amount of carbohydrates daily meals. Sweet potato diet includes only the ingredients that promote fat burning. The high fibre foods combined with sweet potato to get the best results possible. Let’s first understand how a fibre rich diet with sweet potatoes can help you lose weight quickly.

How Sweet Potato Diet Helps in Weight Loss

Fewer Calories than Potatoes

Potatoes contain a lot of fat and carbohydrate in general. But sweet potatoes have a low amount of calories. For effective weight loss, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Sweet potato diet can boost your goal to consume fewer calories than usual. You will feel that your stomach is getting filled earlier. Just consuming too sweet potatoes for a meal can keep your hunger at bay. Therefore sweet potatoes a better alternative over regular potatoes. 

Presence of Dietary Fibers

Dietary fibres are natural to digest and perfect nutrition. The fibres present in sweet potato helps in weight loss by curbing overeating. Dietary fibres cover the stomach walls with a gel so that you feel full most of the time.

 Another crucial factor in weight loss is the peptide hormone. The satisfaction of a full stomach is an induction by peptide secretion. The sweet potato starch passes unobstructed from the stomach. This resistant starch gets fermented only in the gut. And thus, stimulates the secretion of peptide hormones. 

Good Carbs for Energy

We often fall prey to the myth that carbohydrates are bad for our body. However, certain carbs provide a boost of energy instead of causing harm. Carbohydrates expand the calories and help us perform our regular functions. You will lazy and energy less if you skip carbs altogether. You can depend on sweet potatoes to end the carb deprivement. Sweet potato is a source of good carbs that help us stay energetic throughout the day. 

Glycemic Index is Low

Glycemic index is the measurement of glucose spike in the body. Hugh glucose spike means that your body is highly susceptible to type-2 diabetes. The sweetness levels of “sweet” potatoes are shallow. Therefore, they are safer to consume even for diabetic patients. Even in the baked state, the glycemic index of sweet potatoes never exceeds above 94. 

The abundance of Water Content

Sweet potatoes are also an excellent hydrant. Our metabolism process slows down in the absence of water. Consuming sweet potato will help you retain the water in your body. The water retention prevents the cells from dehydrating. As a result, the metabolic rate of the body increases. This process can help a lot with effective weight loss. 

Now that we know why a sweet potato diet is an excellent tool for weight loss let’s take a look at the diet plan. 

Sweet Potato Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss

For quick results, you should follow a 3-day regime of sweet potato diet. While you are following the steps, make sure you are exercising regularly and getting proper rest. Sleep deprivation is a major cause of fat residues in our body. Therefore, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Moreover, consult a trained dietician before you follow our plan. As everybody is unique, it is better to stay safe from allergies. 

Here is our 3-day sweet potato diet plan for quick weight loss. 

Day 1


Start your day lightly with a boiled sweet potato. Sip a cup of green tea with one boiled egg afterwards. 


You’ll need an energetic lunch to match the sweet potato diet. For the first day, we will go with around 85 gm fish of chicken (according to your preference). If you are vegan, you can eat tofu instead of meat. Top it up with a boiled sweet potato and a cup of yoghurt. 


Have a bowl of sweet potato soup to end your day with a light but heartening meal. 

Day 2


After a light dinner, you’ll need to pump up the energy for the next day. Has an omelette made from two eggs with a boiled potato? You can add a cup of black coffee for added pleasure. 


For lunch, make a salad by mixing a boiled potato with mushrooms, greens, and a light dressing of your choice. Have a cup of buttermilk to slice up the boring salad. 


Repeat the 85 gm chicken/fish/tofu meal with a salad of boiled sweet potato and blanched broccoli. 

Day 3


For the final day of the diet, we will start with a banana and 4-5 almonds. Eat your regular boiled sweet potato and drink a cup of green tea. 


Your final diet lunch consists of sweet potato soup with a cup of yoghurt and one wheat bread toast. 


End your day with a fulfilling meal of mashed sweet potato with grilled mushroom. You can add a unique touch to this dish with blanched peas and cauliflower. 

You can follow the 3-day sweet potato diet plan twice a month for better results. Moreover, you can add sweet potato to your regular meals with some tasty and easy recipes. We’ve made a collection of such amazing sweet potato diet recipes for an exquisite and healthy meal. 

Sweet Potato Diet Recipes

Mashed Sweet Potato

To cook mashed potatoes, you’ll need one boiled sweet potato and two tablespoons of sour cream. Mash the boiled sweet potato with sour cream in a bowl. Add one tablespoon olive oil and half tablespoon of black pepper. Mix the ingredients properly and garnish with cilantro and walnuts. 

Boat Style Sweet Potato and Eggs

The boat style sweet potato and eggs look like a dish straight out of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Take a bo8led sweet potato and cut it in half. Scoop out the middle part from each half to make them look like boats. Put half teaspoon of olive oil in each boat and add salt and pepper. Fill the boats with the insides of an egg. Bake the sweet potato at 200°C for two minutes and let them cool down. Use chopped scallions as the toppings. 

Sweet Potato Chilli

Sweet potato chilli is the tastiest and most complicated dish on our list. Grab your grocery shopping list for the ingredients first. So, for the gravy, we need a red onion, a tomato, and one clove of garlic. We will also add a quarter cup of kidney beans and garbanzo beans each. To spice up the gravy, we’ll add cumin powder, coriander powder, paprika, and black pepper powder. 

To make the beans easily soluble, pressure cooks them until the softer as much as you like. Heat a pan and fry the chopped onions in olive oil till they lose their colours. Add grated garlic and tomatoes to the mix. Add salt according to your taste and let the tomatoes turn into the gravy while you stir the mixture. When the tomatoes start to liquefy, add one teaspoon of cumin powder and two teaspoons of coriander powder. Top it up with half teaspoon each of paprika and black pepper powder. Add half-cup of water and cook for just over a minute. Finally, add the baked beans and the pieces of boiled sweet potato. Let the dish cook for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you stir the mixture after every couple of minutes. Serve the dish hot with rice. 

These were the best sweet potato diet recipes for weight loss. A homemade meal is best when you are planning to shed those extra pounds. We can not control the ingredients of ready to eat food. However, cooking at home gives complete control over the choices you make. Therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself than to dine out. 

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato Diet

Eyesight and Skin Benefits

Sweet potato is an incredible source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is highly beneficial for sharper eyesight and skin. Our skin revitalizes and retains its natural colour better. 

Immunity Benefits of Sweet Potato Diet

The immunity of our body to resist the diseases increases with Vitamin C. Sweet potato can improve the level of Vitamin C in our body. Vitamin C can increase antioxidants and boost immunity. 

Role of Sweet Potato in Being Antidiabetic and Anticancer

The antioxidants also reduce the carcinogens by providing oxygen to each cell. Cancer is a result of the dead cells that refuse to end their life cycle. If proper oxygen reaches the cell, the probability of the infection reduces. 

The high fibre amount and low glucose also make it the best choice for diabetic patients. 

Here’s a video explaining Benefits of Sweet Potato Diet – Easy Weight Loss Therapy


The benefits of the sweet potato diet are enormous. It is highly beneficial to follow the diet plan. The 3-day diet plan is a boon for quick results. But the effects of sweet potato are waste without exercise. Keep your fitness level at maximum levels with the sweet potato diet and regular workout. 

Have you tried a sweet potato diet before? Tell us in the comments. 

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