How to Throw Up

How to Throw Up When Nothing Works

How to Throw Up
How to Throw Up

Ever get a feeling that something is itching in the back of your throat? The irritation turns to nausea, and a sense of vomit starts to linger, which only settles after you throw up. But for most people, it isn’t effortless to throw up voluntarily. That’s why we are here with five ideas that you can follow to throw up when nothing else is working. However, it would help if you considered voluntary vomiting only after consulting a doctor because your needs are different according to your body type. If recommended by a professional, you can follow these tips at home, in the case of indigestion, or food allergy.

Why Throw Up Voluntarily

Even thinking about vomiting starts to make the stomach grumble. So, the thought of vomiting voluntarily is demotivating. But it’s better to know how to throw up to stay prepared for emergencies. The most common scenario that will need you to throw up is food poisoning. Every year almost 1 in every ten people gets ill because of food poisoning. Vomiting is the best method to get the toxins out of your body. Knowing how to throw up easily can come handy in emergencies. Especially when you have kids around you, you have to stay vigilant. Kids tend to swallow small pieces of toys that can get stuck in their throat. You can help them ease quickly and effortlessly with these tips to throw up when nothing else is working.

Top 5 Ideas to Throw Up Easily

The main idea behind using a technique to vomit at your will is to stimulate the gag reflex. The muscles present at the back of our mouth provide the required stimulation. Some people have a higher gag reflex than others; that’s why they are not able to vomit quickly. Therefore, they can use these tips to get themselves to throw up effortlessly.

With a Toothbrush or Fingers

You must have felt that urge to vomit when you brush your molar teeth. It is because the toothbrush makes contact with the muscles of the back of our mouth. You can take advantage of this ability to puke almost every time. Rub the brush to the end of your tongue, and you’ll start getting signals. Keep repeating until you finally throw up. If you don’t have your toothbrush with you, use your fingers to reach the back of your tongue.

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Egg Whites

Even thinking about eating egg whites makes me shudder. The pungent smell of raw eggs and the feel of the slimy liquid makes me empty my guts. But if you think you are strong enough to endure the egg whites, try rinsing with them. Fill your mouth with egg whites and gargle until you puke.


Salt is a universally accepted home remedy. Stir two tablespoons of salt and in a glass of water till it dissolves completely. Drink it in a single go. You’ll have to wait for almost half an hour before it works. But you can speed up the process by using your fingers. You can add any unpleasant flavour to the solution for better results.

Bloodroot Herb

Bloodroot, also known as bloodwort, is a natural catalyst to throw up. Mixing a small amount of bloodroot powder to a glass of water can cause vomit because of its emetic nature. It’s better to take bloodwort only after consulting a doctor. Herbs do not suit everyone because of their allergic properties.

Mustard Solution

Mustard is a known antioxidant and works wonders in beauty treatments. But who knew it could empty your gut? Drinking a glass of water mixed with two teaspoons of mustard powder will disturb your bowel, and you’ll throw up in no time at all. Mustard is not recommended for regular use though at is rich in sodium. It can make you nauseous but can be destructive after prolonged use.

Here’s a video explaining How to Throw Up

Vomiting is never a pleasant experience. Puke comes out churning your insides and weakens you. But even this curse can become a blessing in some cases. So, keep these tips in mind to throw up when nothing else works.

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