How To Make Natto

How To Make Natto In 2020

How To Make Natto
How To Make Natto

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Modern times require modern solutions to our growing energy needs. The pace of our life is increasing every day. To keep up with the speed of changing time, we need to stay at the top of our energy levels. Superfoods like soybean provide us abundant energy in small meals. Therefore, while getting high energy, you don’t waste your precious time eating a massive portion of food. Natto is a superfood that comes from Japan. You can understand the efficiency of Natto from the fact that it is the most popular healthy food among the Japanese population. The reason for the limelight that Natto gets is the natural process of cooking. You can easily find all the ingredients and equipment at home — no need to pick up your grocery shopping list.
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Today we tell you how to make Natto at home quickly. Putting it in layman terms, Natto is just fermented beans served with soy sauce for the perfect taste. You can add some extra ingredients to spice it up a little. The soybean is rich in protein and contains low fats. The nutrition that you get from the soybeans is pure energy. Most foods leave carbohydrates and fats in your body, which might damage your body shape. Soya, on the other hand, only gives stuff that is beneficial for our health. That is why most Asian countries prefer a soya diet to work hard without gaining weight.

Ingredients and Equipements for Homemade Natto Recipe

Pieces of equipment:

  1. An enamelled or stainless steel pot for cooking. Any nonreactive container will work.
  2. A serving spoon.
  3. Ovenproof containers with lids.
  4. Strainer.
Make sure every utensil is clean before you start. You can boil some water in the containers to make them sterile.

Ingredients of Homemade Natto:

  1. Nattomoto Powder, also known as Natto spores or fermenting spores.
  2. Soybeans.
  3. Water.
Some people may suggest using yeast powder instead of nattomoto powder. But only fermenting spores are recommended to cook authentic Natto.

Recipe for Making Natto at Home

The process of making Natto includes two steps – soaking the beans and cooking Natto. The complete procedure takes more than a day to complete. While the actual cooking only amounts to an hour of the total time, it is the soaking that takes 18-20 hours. Moreover, it is recommended to keep the beans in a separate place because they emit a pungent odour while fermenting.

Step 1 – Soaking the Soybeans to Ferment:

  1. Take 4 cups of beans and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Rinse them with the help of a filter.
  3. Remove any discoloured or stale beans after washing.
  4. Fill your container 1/3rd with the beans and add cold water. Make sure you leave space in the container to allow the seeds to soak properly.
  5. Wait for 15-20 hours to allow the beans to soak. In cold temperatures, the seeds may take more time than usual. You can put them in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to speed up the process.
  6. After you are sure that the beans are soaked well, dry them up by putting them in a strainer and shaking them to remove the moisture.

Step 2 – Cooking the Beans for Natto

  1. Steam the soaked beans for 6-10 hours on a simmer flame.
  2. Rinse the beans and keep them in an oven friendly container.
  3. Take one spoon of natto spores and add it to 2 spoons of boiling water. Mix them till the powder dissolves.
  4. Add the formed solution to the beans and stir them for a couple of minutes. Continuous stirring will make sure that the Nattomotto powder reaches every seed.
  5. Spread the beans on a plate to heat up in the oven.
  6. Preheat your oven to 100o F and place the plate inside it for fermentation. Allow the oven to heat the beans for more than a couple of hours.
  7. After the beans are fermented, please put them in the refrigerator to cool overnight.

Here’s a video explaining How To Make Natto

You can get healthy and tasty Natto with the easy to cook homemade recipe we discussed. Try the recipe yourself and leave your feedback in the comments. We are also open to any new suggestions that you might have to offer.

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