How To Be Anorexically Skinny

How To Be Anorexically Skinny in 2020

How To Be Anorexically Skinny
How To Be Anorexically Skinny

Obesity is the growing demon of the modern world. We keep stuffing ourselves with junk and forget it’s side effects. More than 600 million adults worldwide suffer from obesity. Therefore, it is appreciable if you can even think about going skinny. But there is a difference between losing weight and becoming dangerously skinny. You need to understand where the line ends. However, you don’t have to worry. We are are here with the routine and ideas on how to be anorexically skinny.

The Difference between Anorexically Skinny and Underweight

Youth these days starts following any trend recklessly. You can not expect them to think of the pros and cons before making a decision. It has grown to this extent that becoming anorexic has become a psychological disorder among some teenagers. We are not going to advise you to follow the dangerous trend. We will only guide you to lose your extra pounds effectively and quickly to look at your best.

Anrexically, Skinny means that you shed your belly fat and become lean. It doesn’t mean getting that supermodel type body that will make you follow rigorous routines. Everybody is different, and everyone has a habit of their own. Therefore, leaving your meals unnecessarily will not help in any way.

Precautions Before Starting to be Anorexically Skinny

Talk To A Doctor

Talk To A Doctor
Talk To A Doctor

It is essential to get a recommendation from a doctor to understand your needs. A professional dietician can give you ideas about nutrition and vitamin necessary for your body. You have to make sure you are physically ready to follow harsh routines.

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Find Your Body Type

Find Your Body Type
Find Your Body Type

It is crucial to have an idea about your body before deciding what you want. There are three body types that we take into consideration: Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, and Endomorphic.

Ectomorphic bodies have a lot of bone and very little meat. The people we commonly refer to as skinny are ectomorphic. Thin people find it easy to lose weight than to gain. Their bone structure is delicate, and they have minimal fat and muscle.

The mesomorphic body is the perfect body type for muscle building. With minimum efforts, they can get maximum results. The mesomorphic gain and lose fat without any serious effort. If you have a mesomorphic body, you’ll never have any problem in getting lean.

The endomorphic body can be considered complicated in comparison to the other two. They gain fat very fast, but losing it is a whole different story. People with the endomorphic body have to take care of their eating habits to keep the fat in check.

The time needed to become skinny depends on your body type, so do not ignore it before you start following our routine.

Diet Plan to Be Anorexically Skinny

Diet Plan to Be Anorexically Skinny
Diet Plan to Be Anorexically Skinny

In the diet plan we mention here, the calories are decreased gradually. You can complete this plan in a week if you are comfortable. Or you can cut the calories in a gap of two days. Do not let hunger overcome your will power while you are following the diet plan. Moreover, after you have reached the minimum calorie level, do no fall lower. We have strictly made this diet plan according to the amount of energy needed for an adult.

  • Day 1:

We will take 2000 calories on the first day. Start your day with a glass of warm water and one spoon of honey. Breakfast should only contain 1 cup of milk, scrambled eggs, and a couple of slices of multigrain bread. For lunch, you can have tuna salad with green vegetables. If you are vegan, you can eat green salad only. You can have some dry fruits to stay energized throughout the day. Spend your evening with a cup of green tea with multigrain biscuits but not more than two. Make sure your dinner is only soup or stirred vegetables. You add some chunks of turkey or chicken to your soup.

  • Day 2:

For the second day, we cut the number of calories by 400. Keep the diet the same as the first day but cut on the amount of lunch quantity. Make sure to add some aerobic exercises and increase their intensity every day.

  • Day 3:

For day 3, we will consume only 1200 calories. The routine stays the same as the previous day, but the evening snack changes to a glass of lemonade. Moreover, keep track of your exercise and increase the intensity by a level.

  • Day 4:

Now day 4 is where things get serious. You will have only fruit and a glass of juice at breakfast. Make sure you stay adequately hydrated to cope up with the energy loss with the decrease in calories.

  • Day 5:

We will drop 100 more calories on the 5th day by having only a boiled egg at breakfast. Additionally, for lunch, have a simple vegetable soup only. Your evening snack is an apple or orange now. Keep your dinner protein-rich to keep healthy energy levels.

  • Day 6 & 7:

On both days 6 and 7, the amount of calories is only 700. It is hard for most people to cope up with diet at this level. Start the day with some cereal. Have sprouts and salad at lunch. Post lunch, you can drink coconut water to stay energized. Have a cup of green tea in the evening. For dinner, bake some salmon or soy chunks with herbs and lemon.

After you complete a set of these seven days, take an off off the routine and eat what you like. But make sure you are not overeating, or you will reverse the effects of the diet. Make it habit to eat as much as you want, not as much as your greedy wants.

Here’s a video explaining How To Be Anorexically Skinny

This routine is hard, and you will feel like quitting most of the time. But the real results come at the end of the journey. So stay energetic and motivated to get the lean body you dream for.

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