Does Apple Juice Make You Poop

Does Apple Juice Make You Poop? – Working Remedy for Constipation

Does Apple Juice Make You Poop
Does Apple Juice Make You Poop

Empty bowel makes the start of the day perfect, but if the flow stops due to some reason, it ruins the whole day. We understand the feeling of stopped motion. Therefore, we are here with a sure-shot formula to help your natural morning flow of freshness. Fruit juices are a known remedy to improve the metabolism of our body. Apple juice has also become a favorite among the naturalists to treat their stomach issues. But does apple juice make you poop easily? The answer is yes. Just like the apple fruit, the juice can also keep the doctor away from you. Moreover, it is easy to include juice in your diet that other healthy food items. So let’s understand how does apple juice makes you poop? 

But first, let’s talk about constipation and the reasons behind this unpleasant experience.

What Causes Constipation?

What Causes Constipation
What Causes Constipation

We usually ignore constipation as a minor issue. However, the ill-effects of reduced bowel movement are severe. A chronic case of constipation can lead to colon cancer too. Therefore, you need to give proper attention to any stomach issue that you face. Constipation is usually a result of a lack of water or fluids in our bodies. Dry intestines are unable to push the excretory products through the colon, and thus we are unable to poop. Lack of hydration also makes the stool hard, and it doesn’t pass through the intestines. 

Some medical conditions also cause constipation. Irregular excretory routine is common among diabetic patients, pregnant women, and people with hypo/hyperthyroidism. Moreover, some medications or excessive alcohol can also hamper your ability to excrete. So, keep your gut relieved by drinking a lot of water. 

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How Does Apple Juice Make You Poop Easily?

Apple Juice Contains Fiber

Fiber intake is crucial as we eat a lot of refined food these days. Even though juices are liquid and have less fiber than in raw form, there is the right amount of it. The fiber helps in maintaining the digestive system’s health. It is utilized by the body to pass off body waste. Every one should intake the right amount of fiber in their diet, especially those who suffer from constipation. Remember to drink a lot of water with fiber because dietary fiber alone can worsen the condition of constipation. Fruits contain soluble(like beans, seeds, nuts, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, etc.) and insoluble (like in bran, nuts, seeds, wheat, vegetable skin, etc.) types of fiber. While the former absorbs water and makes it easy to pass off waste, the latter doesn’t absorb water. It helps to pass out stool plus flushes terrible bacteria from your gut.

You can always increase the nutritional value of juices by adding apple skin and pulp into while juicing or by adding high fiber fruits such as berries.

Apple Juice Contains Sorbitol

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that pulls water into the large intestine, which is advantageous for a smoother movement of stools through the digestive tract. Certain fruits contain this sugar in a natural form like apples, grapes. Stone fruits, such as cherries, apricots, etc. and other dry fruits like dates and prunes also contain sorbitol. The sorbitol content is higher in dried fruits than the fresh fruits. So it aids in relieving from constipation problem in a better way.

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Apple Juice Contains Water

Our body is 70% water. One needs to drink around half a gallon of water and juices depending upon body needs. Dehydration is the root cause of the constipation problem as it causes hard stools that are difficult to pass. Apple juice contains abundant water and fluids. 

Homemade Natural Apple Juice Recipe

Homemade Natural Apple Juice Recipe
Homemade Natural Apple Juice Recipe

To make apple juice at home, you’ll need an apple and half teaspoon of fennel powder. Add the chopped slices of apple in the blender and add some water. Let them spin for a minute to retain the pulp. You can add some sugar to sweeten the juice, but it’s better to avoid it. Finally, pour the juice in a glass and flannel powder to garnish it. You can start your day with apple juice to relieve your stomach from the pressure. 

Here’s a video explaining Does Apple Juice Make You Poop? – Working Remedy for Constipation

Alternatives to Apple Juice to Make You Poop

Apple juice is not the only fruit extract that can help in constipation. You can replace apple with the following fruits for similar results:

  • Grapes
  • Orange
  • Pear
  • Prune
  • Cherry 
  • Lemon

We often hide our problem of constipation in fear of embarrassment. But stopped motion is not something that you should ignore. We need to cater to our health issues seriously to avoid more significant problems later. You can follow the natural methods to ease your bowel and get a fresh feel throughout the day. Does apple juice make you poop? Have you tried the apple juice remedy? Share your free-flowing experience with us.

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