Benefits of Pickle Juice

Health Benefits of Pickle Juice and Recipe Tricks

Benefits of Pickle Juice
Benefits of Pickle Juice

Are you bored of the regular everyday food? Why not add a pickle to it. Oh, you ran out of pickles. No need to worry, add it to the grocery list for the next time and hang on, don’t dispose of the pickle juice just yet. It will come to your rescue, make your food test better and make it a superfood. Today, I will be sharing the secret benefits of pickle juice and how to add it in your day to day life.

Do you know? Many athletes, after a workout, go for pickle juice instead of any other sports drink. The reason behind that is not economical, as pickle juice is much cheaper than any other sports drink but because of its healing and pain relief factor, which I will be elaborating further. But first, let me tell you that pickles aren’t only cucumber, but there are different varieties of food which can turn into a pickle. Pickling is the process of extending the shelf life or preserving food with the help of anaerobic fermentation by immersing them in either vinegar or brine (common-salt solution). Which provides them with their signature sour taste and when there is no pickle left in the jar. We have the pickle juice and its benefits.

A lot of studies tell us how fermented food affects our digestion? These studies have always provided a positive response. Several studies on pickle and pickle juice, indicates that they are beneficial in a lot of different ways. Here is some more about the benefits of pickle juice and why you should have it?

What are the benefits of pickle juice?

What are the benefits of pickle juice
What are the benefits of pickle juice

Helps Fight Cramps 

Everyone hates when a sudden cramp appears in legs or anywhere in our body. They hurt like hell and irritate us a lot. What if I tell you that we have fast pain relief solution for it, and that too lies in your kitchen or over your dining table. Of course, I am talking about pickle juice. One study suggests that consuming 1.5 oz of pickle juice for every 100 lbs of body weight accelerates the cramp recovery by 45% in under a minute and a half.

What pickle juice does, is that it stimulates certain areas in our mouth and esophagus (food pipe) with the help of specific agents and protons, which inhibits the firing of particular nerves, which causes cramps by activating the spinal column. Pickle juice also helps in treating twitches and jerks, which are associated with restless leg syndrome.

When we are talking about cramps, how can we leave the most irritative and painful cramps in the universe? Yes, I’m talking about menstrual cramps, every girl and woman knows it, and if need be, she can give testimony on my behalf. Now you know what you have to do next time during your menstrual cycle to calm the pain, all you need is pickle juice.

Best Pre and Post-Workout Drink

We have already discussed above that pickle juice is the favorite pick-me-up sports drink for the athletes, now let’s know why it is so. During a workout, athletes sweat a lot, with which they lose both sodium and potassium. These are incredibly essential for the body, to maintain their levels, pickle juice is the best option. Pickle juice contains high concentrations of sodium and potassium because it is a brine solution. One of the studies suggest vinegar and calcium chloride helps in readily absorption of sodium and potassium by the body moreover because I have send living various nutrients to the body faster than any other source.


Do not consume pickle Juice on an empty stomach before a workout, as it is quite acidic due to vinegar. So, it can cause stomach issues.

Acts as a Pain Relief

We were talking about cramps, and these are common in athletes, and thus pickle juice is their favorite pre and post-workout drink to get relieved from the pains too, which are given to them by their workout session.

Fights Dehydration

Drinking water is the first go-to for dehydration. But if you need an effective and more beneficial way to fight it, you can always go for pickle juice. Our body notifies dehydration by making us thirsty, which means our body is lacking the minimum amount of water; it requires for working efficiently. Pickle juice will help you with quenching your thirst, but it will also help you maintain your electrolyte balance, as pickle juice is an abundant sodium and potassium source.

Boost Gut Health and Helps in Digestion 

Vinegar helps to ferment food to make it taste better and preserve it for a more extended period. For the surprise, vinegar is good for our digestive system. It also provides our gut with probiotics, which helps in populating the good bacteria in our gut to a healthy balance for efficient digestion. Thus pickle juice helps in boosting our gut health to digest better.

Aid in Weight Loss

If you are working on getting a great physic and wishing to lose that extra weight, you should choose pickle juice over any other drinks. If you are a gym/fitness freak, you love to keep track of your calories. In this case, pickle juice is the best replacement for your high-calorie energy drink. It will not only help you in hydrating your body while maintaining your calories and electrolyte balance. But vinegar present in pickle juice will aid in your weight loss.

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May Cure Sore Throat

There isn’t any hard proven fact to say so, but several studies, points out that people with sore throats, were quite relieved after having pickle juice. 

Best Natural Hangover Remedy

After having the best weekend party, it’s time to have the worst nightmare in the morning. Yes, I am talking about those torturous headbanging. The leading cause of hangovers that everyone knows is the excess consumption of alcohol. But how does it help in providing us with a headache? The answer lies in the depletion of water and electrolytes through our body over the night. Now you know what you have to do to cure this problem naturally, all you have to take care of is your electrolyte balance. To which pickle juice comes to your aid as we have already established, it is a rich source of sodium and potassium and helps maintain the electrolyte level of the body. They say prevention is better than cure, but for this specific occasion, it into consideration, so next time when you are heading for a fantastic night out. Place a glass or shot of pickle juice and water beside your bed. Though pickle juice will also help in hydrating your body, water can still come in handy.

Fights Bad Breath

Well, it helps us to recover from a hangover. Pickle juice is beneficial to cure that alcoholic and that morning terrible breath too. This bad breath is due to the overnight production of bacterias and microorganisms in our mouth. A shot of pickle juice helps in eliminating these microorganisms and bacteria. Pickle juice acts as a natural mouthwash because of the vinegar present in it has antibacterial properties which cleanses the mouth and removes bad breath.

These are some of the benefits of pickle juice. Now let me list some of the nutrients to be more specific in what you will be consuming. 

Nutritional Profile of Pickle Juice

We have already made it clear that vehicle juice is a rich source of sodium and potassium. It also contains calcium and magnesium in addition to vitamin A and vitamin C. The most abundant nutrient in pickle juice is vitamin K.

How to make pickle juice at home

How to make pickle juice at home
How to make pickle juice at home

What do you need

  • Sufficient Water
  • Lots of cucumber or as per your requirement
  • 1 cup of RAW cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp of pickling spices
  • 2/3 cups of Kosher salt
  • Pickle Herbs 

How to proceed

  • Thoroughly wash cucumbers under running water.
  • Slice the cucumbers them in half lengthwise.
  • Place the slices in a glass jar with garlic and pickled herbs.
  • In another bowl, put Kosher salt and water to make a brine solution.
  • Add picker spices and raw vinegar to the brine solution. Stir it well.
  • Pour this brine solution over the cucumbers until they are submerged fully.
  • With the cheesecloth, cover the jar.
  • Store them away from the direct sunlight for at least a week and a half, once cucumbers start to taste like pickle, cap the container with the lid.
  • You can store them for about six months to a year.

Popular Recipes 

  • To drink a glass of pickle juice is not everyone’s cup of tea and should not be consumed in such large quantities. To help out with the strong taste of pickle juice, add 2-3 tablespoons of pickle juice to a glass of water and drink accordingly.
  • To make that boring salad more fun and healthy, you can add pickle juice as a dressing to it and enjoy it.
  • One tablespoon of pickle juice will surely add a punch to the lemonade.
  • To add a sour taste to your soup, a shot of pickle juice will do wonders.
  • You can add pickle juice to any dip or sauce. You can also pour it, to marinate fish or any other meat.

Side Effects of Pickle Juice

These are not the side effects that you might think, but the precautions to those who should not consume it.

  • Do not consume pickle juice on an empty stomach. Vinegar present in it is acidic and will affect the pH level of the stomach. Which will further cause uneasiness and acidity
  • For any medical condition, if you are on a low sodium diet. You should avoid pickle juice.
  • Most of all, if you have gout, you should better skip drinking pickle juice as it will cause a build-up of uric acid.
  • Take proper intake of pickle juice as excess consumption of pickle juice, may result in hypertension and can cause a spike in blood pressure.
  • Avoid pickle juice during pregnancy, as sodium contents might be harmful for the baby and the mother.

Here’s a video explaining Health Benefits of Pickle Juice and Recipe Tricks

So, next time when you visit your grocery store and bring back a jar of pickle, if you haven’t prepared it at home already. Do remember, there is much more to it than those mouth-watering pickles only. Also, don’t forget to share your recipe or method to make pickles with us and how they helped you through our comment section. We at Hauteher, always welcome suggestions and ideas from you.

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