Almond Milk Side Effects

Almond Milk Side Effects That Will Shock You

Almond Milk Side Effects
Almond Milk Side Effects

The importance of milk is like an engraving in our minds since the day we are born. Mother’s milk is the first meal for every baby. Doctors also recommend breastfeeding the baby is crucial for improving immunity and growth in earlier years. Almonds, on the other hand, are known for their memory improving capability. Therefore, we expect almond milk to work as an elixir for our health. But the truth is far from these hopes. The almond milk side effects are substantial. We bring you a list of ill-effects of our much-loved drink – almond milk. So let’s get started. 

Effect of Almond Milk on Thyroid Gland

Almonds are highly goitrogenic. Their impact on our thyroid gland is appalling. Goitrogenic substances cause inflammation in the thyroids by increasing iodine assimilation. If you already have a thyroid problem, you should avoid drinking almond milk. However, you can have a glass of milk daily to boost your immunity.

Effect of Almond Milk on Sugar Levels

Maintaining normal sugar levels in our body is crucial. An imbalance in sugar level can cause severe diseases like diabetes. Sugar is also responsible for the fluctuation in the blood pressure. Excess intake of almond milk can increase the level of sugar in your body. The overabundance of sugar will make you obese and close to cardiovascular diseases. 

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Effect of Almond Milk on Digestion

It is not easy to digest the milk proteins for everyone. People who suffer from milk allergy get upset stomach by consuming milk or milk products. The symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea are common if you get milk allergy. Apart from this, almond milk can cause general indigestion and acidity. Therefore, get a record of your allergies before you choose almond milk.

Effect of Almond Milk on Sinus

Many people report that almond milk can cause runny nose and breathing troubles. Our sinuses are very sensitive and need protection from any sudden change. Almond milk can increase the sensitivity and formation of mucus in the nasal cavity. However, this condition is prominent in people who are already allergic to nuts or dairy.

Effect of Almond Milk on Asthma

Foods or drinks that are harmful to sinus are not suitable for asthma patients. Almond milk, as we discussed, directly affects our respiratory function. Many people suffer from breathing difficulties after prolonged use of almond milk. Therefore, it is better to stay away from almond milk if you have asthma.  

Effect of Almond Milk on Skin

Flavored milk contains preservatives that can irritate your skin. In some cases, people start to feel itchiness or eczema under an hour of consumption. This condition may arise due to an allergy to the nuts or milk proteins. Even if milk is healthy, we can’t be sure about the ingredients of packed and flavored milk.

Allergens in Almond Milk

We have already discussed most of the allergies caused by almond milk. Apart from the points mentioned earlier, almond milk is a curse for lactose-intolerant people. The nut allergy is also pretty common after drinking almond milk. The added preservatives and flavors are not any help either in reducing the effect of allergens.

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Milk is considered the healthiest natural drink for every age group. But it’s better to drink it fresh. Packaged food items contain harmful ingredients that we do not know about. Therefore, make sure you do proper research before you buy any item. Especially when the stuff you buy has more negatives than positives. 

The list of almond milk side effects is neverending. We have only listed a few that affect us the worst. If you love drinking almond milk, you can prepare your drink at home with controlled ingredients. Grind some almonds and turn them to a powder. Mix the desired quantity of this powder in a glass of milk, and you’re ready to enjoy it. Homemade almond milk will give you complete control over what you use. You can skip using artificial flavors and use healthier alternatives. Moreover, you can also decide what is allergic to you and what’s not.

These are the top almond milk side effects that you should know about. It is shocking to see that a healthy drink can be so harmful. But it is the truth. Have you tried almond milk? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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