What is Hair Plopping and How to Plop Hair for Perfect Curls

What is Hair Plopping and How to Plop Hair for Perfect Curls in Easy Steps

What is Hair Plopping and How to Plop Hair for Perfect Curls
What is Hair Plopping and How to Plop Hair for Perfect Curls

Curly hair can make or break your daily routine. Even though the curls look funky and require low maintenance, it is hard to manage them. In everyday life, it is easier to get ready if you have straight hair. You can do multiple hairstyles with straight hair and increase the versatility of your looks. However, people with straight hair would die to have curls. The reason behind this anomaly is the tension-free styling of curly hair. It is a popular conception that you can leave your home without combing or managing your curly mane. The truth is far from reality, though. Only women with curly hair know the pain of managing the dense, tangled curls. We know the hassle, and therefore, we are here with an easy technique that you can follow at home for easily manageable curly hair. Yes, even though it sounds unreal, there is a method called hair plopping to ease your daily hair routine. We will tell you what hair plopping is and how to plop hair for perfect curls anytime.

Hair Plopping Basics – How Hair Plopping Works?

How Hair Plopping Works
How Hair Plopping Works

Hair plopping is an essential technique to dry your curls without heat. Using a dryer can damage your hair strands. You will get rid of the moisture instantly with blow-drying, but it makes curls more frizzy. Therefore hair plopping can help by giving a natural treatment to wet hair. It will take some time to make your hair dry, but it will be worth it. You will feel like Beyonce with bouncy and defined curls. For luscious curly hair, it’s better to use natural methods instead of artificial ones. Hair plopping involves wrapping your hair tightly in a towel to absorb all the moisture. It’s handy and straightforward to get fluffy hair. So, here’s how to plop hair for well-textured curls.

Steps to Plop Your Hair

  • If you want to get perfectly plopped hair, you need to start with damp hair. After shower, apply some leave-in hair conditioner or a curling cream. Massage your hair softly with the tips of your fingers and nourish the roots. 
  • Bring an old t-shirt or a towel with microfibers. Make sure the fabric is soft and not wooly. Woolen materials can cause unnecessary frizz because of static.
  • Spread the shirt on a chair or table and place your head in the center of the t-shirt. 
  • Start by covering your neck with the bottom edges of the t-shirt. Now wrap the shirt around your head snugly and cover all the hair. 
  • Tie the sleeves to keep the t-shirt in place. If you are using a towel, you can fold it carefully to hold it tight. By maintaining a firm grip, you can remove excess water.
  • You will need to wait for at least 30 minutes to help the hair settle. Finally, remove the t-shirt and enjoy your bouncy, perfect curls. 

Tips for Perfect Curls After Hair Plopping

  • Using a t-shirt with thin fabric will help in evaporating the moisture faster.
  • You can tie the loose ends with an elastic band to maintain a firm grip.
  • Massage your hair with a curl defining cream for quick results.
  • If you are using a towel, it should contains microfiber; otherwise, your hair will be frizzy.
  • If your hair is lightly curled at the edges only, you can use a curling iron to add more definition to the twists.
  • For long-lasting results, use some hair spray on your curls after hair plopping.

Here’s a video explaining What is Hair Plopping and How to Plop Hair for Perfect Curls in Easy Steps

If you have curly hair, hair plopping will be a life-changing experience for you. Yes, it is a time-consuming process, but the wait is worth the result. The beauty of curls is unknown to us, but hair plopping can add the required grace. Therefore, we brought you the answer to what is hair plopping and how to plop hair for perfect curls.

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