Shades Of Brown Hair

The Most Common Shades Of Brown Hair For Any Skin Tone

Shades Of Brown Hair
Shades Of Brown Hair

Are you thinking about getting a brunette shade for hair? Brown hair looks refreshing while being stealthy enough. This intense shade gives an instant classy vibe. We commonly refer to all the brunette hair colours as brown. But the colours that we generally call brown lazily range from light honey to deep mahogany. Depending on your skin tone, you can select the perfect shade and reinvigorate your regular style. Today we bring you the most common shades of brown for any skin colour. Bring fun to your routine life with these funky and stylish colours. 

Auburn Brown

Auburn coloured hair reminds you of the dusk when the night is about to overcome the light. Small glances of darkened reds lurk from the regular dark shades of hair. Auburn works almost entirely with light skin tones. 

Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon Brown is a stunning choice for almost every skin colour. The shiny cinnamon shade gives a unique charm for simple occasions. A small hint of copper like tint blends almost effortlessly with medium and dark skin. 

Mahogany Brown

Mahogany gives a reddish tinge to brown. This colour is a boon for neutrally caucasian skin tones. It enhances the smoothness of their skin. You can use a brown toner to darken the shade a little more for extra enhancement.

Cola Brown

Do you remember how cola behaves in the light? It looks dark naturally, but when the light passes through, it shines in a brownish golden hue. Cola brown hair colour gives the same shade to your hair. A hint of vibrant red exposes in sunlight. However, you will have perfect dark brown hair in the darkness.

Chocolate Cherry Brown

Chocolate cherry is a slightly stylish colour. It has a purple-ish cherry shade within the traditional brown colour. If you have a fair, light skin tone, you can opt for this funky hair colour.

Honey Brown

The beautiful lock of honey brown colour not only looks good but also makes your hair appear fuller and wavy. It is warm and a perfect balance of darker and lighter hues. You lightly coloured eyes will shine brighter with honey brown hair.

Bronze Brown

Bronze or gold colour looks royal and luxurious. The subtle blend of shades that bronze hair gives is irresistible to look at. It is not a good companion for pale skin tones. But it is a perfect choice for dark coloured skin.

Burgundy Brown

Burgundy brown has properties like cola brown. It looks entirely dark in dim light but shines in a different hue in the light. You will notice a purple-ish shade in the sun and brightly lit environments. Burgundy brown also suits most skin shades. This blending ability makes it one of the most popularly used hair colours.

Chestnut Brown

For people with long wavy hair and warm skin, chestnut brown works like an attraction magnet. The light but expressive brown colour of chestnuts is perfect for highlighting the beauty of your locks.

Nude Brown

Nude brown is the colour of a blonde like shade but darker. It is very light when compared to brown. However, it is sufficiently darker than blonde to consider it a brown. You can often mistake the colour for a golden brown hue.

Here’s a video explaining The Most Common Shades Of Brown Hair For Any Skin Tone

These were the most common shades of brown hair for any skin colour. If you are thinking about a fresh makeover, make sure to give a thought to these beautiful shades of brown. You can find one to match your upcoming look.

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