brown hair with auburn highlights

Latest Trends for Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

brown hair with auburn highlights
brown hair with auburn highlights

Dark Black is an all-time favorite to most, but choco brown is a delight to the eyes as well as the tongue. Brown is the color having a different charm to it. The right amount and choice of brown can turn something rough and sour to a magnificent beauty. Whereas if we set the table to Auburn, this color is like the red mist over the calm waters of the deep river. If these colors are blended, a mesmerizing spell creates in such a way that it bewitches everyone around. The hair color tells a lot about you, the phase you are going through, or you have been. An interesting fact to this theory is that if you are all-natural, it’s like embracing and appreciating what you have, but sister; No choice is a choice itself. Therefore, here are the latest trends for brown hair with auburn highlights.

Read on to know more about which color highlight you should go for with your hairs, but first, let me tell you the process of getting these highlights. Once you know the process, all you need after that is to choose, with which hue will you be walking the streets in the evening.

How To Highlight Your Hair

How To Highlight Your Hair
How To Highlight Your Hair

The best decision for this to get done is to go to a professional hairdresser. For adventure and new experience, surely sometimes we like to be the daredevil and try out something new by ourselves. For this exact moment and such courageous intentions, I will share with you a path to the treasures of beauty, charm, and grace.

You Will Need

  • Non washed hairs (at least for two days)
  • Dye (color & brand of your choosing)
  • An Old Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Clips For Sectioning
  • Vaseline
  • Sulfate-free Shampoo
  • Conditioner (same brand as shampoo)

Steps to Highlight your Hair.

Steps to Highlight your Hair
Steps to Highlight your Hair

You always need to check if you don’t have any kind of allergy or unwanted reaction to the dye. Do a small patch test, below the ear, or anywhere on the skin where you are comfortable. For better highlights, ensure the hairs you are working on are untouched for 48-60 hours.

Wear an old T-shirt, as this will be messy and stains will be left. Follow the instructions, and mix the colorant and developer accordingly in a plastic bowl. Now using the hairbrush removes the knots from the hairs, if any, and flex them downward. On your forehead, ears, and neck, along the hairline, apply vaseline. If you have thin hair, you have to work on small, evenly spaced sections of approximately quarter Inches. Whereas if you have a massive volume or thick hairs, you should make half an inch sections of your strands, sparsely. The same goes for the curly ones.

Style your hair in the way you usually do. For better precision, use a toothbrush instead of the regular application brush and apply the dye onto the separated sections of the hair. You have to see to it that highlights should be more in the front than at the back. In the lower layers, add some light coats of the dye. It also helps if you like to change the hair partition now and then. Now all you need to do is wait until the advised time; you can utilize this while to finish your chores or just relax for a while. Once the timer stops, wash it off with the sulfate-free shampoo and use the conditioner thoroughly through your hairs. Pat dry them, don’t use a hairdryer, or sit directly in the sun. Once thoroughly dried, use a good brand hair serum to nourish the hair and give them a glossy shine. You are now all set to get out and slay the world. Let me be the help in selecting your marvelous highlights this season.

Warm Brown

Bend of copper tones usually goes with the dark hairs and subtle skin tone. This color is best for the autumn season as it radiates to the surroundings, and provides your personality with a warm, welcoming essence. If it is done densely around the crown and sparsely in the lower section, this look gives you the best eye gaze.


Another one for the dark-haired people is Roast; it is a blend that needs to be done in small sections to present it’s beauty to the fullest. The thin highlights of roasted hairs give a balayage effect and are hard to differentiate from natural. The roast is for people with a crunchy choice.

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Soft Bronze

Everyone runs behind the good old gold but never puts their eyes on the bronze until it’s on your head, extracting that hidden glamour of yours.

Soft bronze is perfect for any tone of hair; it will always make others appreciate the choice.

Brown Sugar

Going total blonde might be a final decision, but you have thought of it, to keep your toes in the pond of always wanting to go blonde. Brown sugar can be your way to go, and this will surely be an awestruck look.

Ash Blonde

For a high contrast versatility, you can always select the ash blonde. This one is one of the best selections for the winters and looks super lovely by starting near the roots and fading through the length as you move down.

Bronde Highlights

You might have dark hair or light; it doesn’t matter to the bronde as it gives so much dimension to them both. To add perfect texture with bronde, you need to thinly section highlights and move from up to down evenly.

Milk and White Chocolate

The dark tone hairs make this selection a masterpiece. It is the talk of perfect blend, dark chocolate with the milky strands. Subtle on the crown to the lighter blonde highlights towards the end. Simplicity at its best.

Smooth Caramel

Like the most sweet-tooth melting caramel is the one to die for; Similarly, these highlights look like the melting caramel with a creamy smooth taste. This color gives a willful amount of dimension to the curly and wavy hairs.

Chestnut Highlights

If you love a down dark tone to your light hair, chestnut highlights will do you the justice that you deserve.

Almond Biscotti

Almonds are a rich source for the essential nutrients for healthy hairs, but Almond Biscotti highlights will do a way better job. How this color transforms the thin hair by adding up the texture is mind-blowing. It provides the hair with a different dimension and gives a movement with a balayage effect.

Sun-Kissed Honey

For the brown shade, it’s my mix of both warm and cold tones. If perfectly blended, the ombre look it gives is a bliss. These two tones weave into the natural dark brunette, and the blonde streaks add to the movement and definition adversely. These were the warm fall tones, now to add some extra flavor. Let’s get red to the velvet, how else the list will be complete.

Cherry Ripe

To the bold you, you need to step up your game. For which cherry ripe makes a statement no one else ever can. This bright red blend with your natural brown tone will burn fire anywhere you go.

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Burgundy Undertones

When talking about the red, how can we leave the most cherished burgundy from the list? Though burgundy has a natural base and appears exceptionally subtle. We will be going for undertones not much, just the right amount to add the texture to those thick hairs.

Fiery Blaze

Well, it’s time to let that hidden fire inside you to break out. This winter, let them burn. To achieve this fiery blaze, you have to blend Auburn and Blonde highlights with your high toned brown hairs super finely and with precision. Take my word for it; this fiery blaze is worth the mess.

Ginger Highlights

Ginger is golden brown, and that’s what you need for your natural low toned auburn hair. To show the movement and depth, plus, it adds to the dimension to the curly hair.

Rouge Red

My favorite style, don’t know if I like the look it provides of the bright burnt red or just loves the name. Whatever it might be, this is not for a sublet look; that’s for sure. Go for rouge Red if you want to alert them beforehand from your presence.

Rich Copper

If you choose a high tone of copper for your light or dark brown hair, it won’t matter. It will undoubtedly present a beautiful auburn illusion, and all you have to do is carry it out with grace.

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It’s not easy to select which highlights you want to get stuck with taking your time, but I hope you have enjoyed going through this list. I will surely be updating you with another crazy list soon. Till then, choose one from above. If you already had any suggestions or ideas to improve the listing, do add a comment. We at Hauteher always welcome the advice from you.

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