What to Wear with Green Pants

What to Wear with Green Pants for The Perfect Summer Look

What to Wear with Green Pants
What to Wear with Green Pants

When it comes to bottom wear, what appears in our minds first are trousers or jeans. Which we usually imagine in dark colors, and when someone calls for denim, it somehow translates to Blue itself. However, when there are such enormous types of pants nowadays. Why do we stay on only two colors, when there is an ocean out there to pick from. I want to share such an energetic & tranquil color for today. Yes, you got that right, Olive green & Olive-emerald green, also known as Bottle green. Green is a color that presents its self-nature, harmony, growth, spring, and good luck. To the irony, it goes to the mundane world too, we don’t think it, but subconsciously, we also see green as the color for ambition and money. So, if you are low on the bank balance and still want to appear as a wealthy person, the tip is to go for the green. Read on to know more about what to wear with green pants.

Skinny Olive Jeans And A Tank Top

It’s sunny outside you are planning to go to the mall or just too nearby icecream parlor. Skinny olive jeans with ankle-high boots and a fitted white tank top would do the justice to you and to the lovely day too, and don’t forget the sunglasses, to complete the look.

Joggers and lace top

This combo can go through both a slow, peaceful day in the park or with the high energy dance groove on the stage.

Joggers came into fashion and stole the show.

So to give it a whirl, bottle green joggers with a ballet slipper pink lace top and strappy black sandals, or you can even pull it off with white sneakers and viola you ready to rock.

High Waisted Green Pants And Ruffled Top

So let’s assume today is your 4th date, with the same guy, of course. You don’t want to give a lot and still want to look pretty enough.

Here you go, a high waisted olive green pant can be up to an inch above ankle height and the classic black ruffled top, just wavey enough with simple golden flats or heels(your comfort) and well the cupid is ready to hit the target.

Green camo pants and informal blazer

Unless you are in a deep jungle, Camouflage fabrics are always an eye-catcher.

It looks tough on the streets as well as pumps up the surrounding colors too. For a unique look, try camo pants with a white plain T-shirt and a grey informal blazer. You can run with tactical boots to make the look decently aggressive.

Note: If you want to go old school and try the navy blue blazer, then you need to go with brown or timber boots.

Stay unique.

Olive Green Denim With Stripes T-Shirt

Well, stripes are always in fashion.

While they let you stand aside from others, still every girl at least has one or two in her closet but to pair them with green denim, which could have thought about it.

So, skip the wait and make your self shine.

Olive Green Pencil Pants

Pencil pants are one of the best choices for working ladies. The attributes to your allegiance, smartness and gives a boost to your confidence.

So why not go for the green. After all, it’s your workplace, and you are there to make money.

Let it show, you mean serious business.

Olive Green Chinos And Denim Shirt

Chino is a twill fabric, which should be 100% cotton, but well, what can you say, just that they give a perfect beautiful formal look with a casual taste as well.

Olive green chino with a denim shirt tucked in or set loose would always be a fabulous choice to go out.

Note: if you are tucking it in, make sure your shoe color matches your belt.

Happy Green

Well, here for a pleasant and relaxing chill time, a happy hour or a hippie hour. Well, green goes with a lot, and hippies always stand aside with there no care chill vibe look.


You are unique yourself. According to the occasion, and with a crazy mix of creative thoughts, you will know what to wear and amaze the world.

Here’s a video explaining What to Wear with Green Pants for The Perfect Summer Look

These were some of the suggestions on what to wear with green pants.

It’s a fashion, and it changes with every tick of the clock, so if you have any further suggestions on what more combos we can go for with green pants, drop them in the comments.

We, at Hauteher, always welcome your suggestions and ideas.

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