types of sleeves

The 10 Most Famous Types of Sleeves and Their Names

types of sleeves
types of sleeves

Most designers emphasize minute details on the neck and back cuts of a dress only. But the real professionals know the value of a well-designed sleeve. As a buyer also, we often undermine the role of sleeves in making a dress attractive. Therefore, today we will tell you the top 10 most famous types of sleeves. We will also reveal their names so that you can flaunt your fashionista knowledge. Knowing the names of different types of sleeves will also allow you to be specific to while getting your next dress designed. So let’s dive into the rabbit hole of sleeves. 

Types of Sleeves According to Length 

The most basic ground of categorization of sleeves is according to their length. That’s how we generally distinguish the sleeves. Here are the different lengths of sleeves. 

Short Sleeves Short sleeves cover the shoulder area like a cap. The length of short sleeves ends above the elbow. Sleeveless is also considered short sleeves. Most t-shirts or tops have short sleeves. 

3⁄4th Length Sleeves 3/4th sleeves end just below the elbow. They are vaguely known as the half-length sleeves. But technically, they are longer than half sleeves. 

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Full Sleeves Full-length sleeves cover your whole arm. It is pretty simple to imagine the full-length sleeves. 

Types of Sleeves According to Design, Defining the types of sleeves according to their length is excellent for the general classification. But if you look closely, there are multiple designs in a particular category. For example, both the kimonos and kaftans have long sleeves, but the cut is different. Therefore, we need proper names for the sleeves that are unique. Here are the names of the top 10 types of sleeves according to design. 

Raglan Sleeves Raglan sleeves come in every length type. Unlike traditional sleeves, raglan sleeves start near the collarbone on the upper edge and near the arms on the lower. Many summer tops come with a raglan design to look comfy. The name is a tribute to Lord Raglan, whose coats featured a similar design after he lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. 

Kimono Sleeves Kimono sleeves are unique and easily distinguishable. They are full length and widen as they reach your lower arm. They have slowly established them in the western attires with the comfort they provide. We love kimono sleeves because they are loose and effortless to wear in the summers. However, in the winters, you can struggle because of their airy design. 

Bishop Sleeves You might have seen the bishop dresses in the periodic movies and dramas. Their sleeves feature a distinct fluffy character near the lower arm. The whole sleeve has a regular design. But the area between the elbow and wrist is openly cut. The bishop sleeve generally ends with the cuffs on the wrist. 

Off-shoulder Sleeves Off-shoulder sleeves are the hot trend of our generation. They look sexy and classy at the same time. Off-shoulder sleeves can match any outfit. You can mix them with a ball-gown or a casual top. Any attire with off-shoulder sleeves will look playful. Their distinct feature is the bare area around the collarbone and the shoulders. 

Puffed Sleeves Short length bishop sleeves result in puffed sleeves. Most puffed sleeves end near the shoulder only. The cloth is collected in a way to make the sleeve look like a balloon. You can find a lot of tunics with puffed sleeves. This design is also conventional among the Indian Saree blouses. 

Angel Sleeves Have you ever dreamed of having angel-like wings? You can realize this dream with the help of angel sleeves. The angel sleeves have a triangle-like shape with one of the vertices on the shoulder. The sleeve has a narrow opening, which widens as it covers the arm. Angel sleeves come in varying lengths and styles. 

Bracelet Sleeves Bracelet sleeves do not look like bracelets. Instead, they leave the bracelet area open by ending near the wrist. Most so-called full-sleeved tops and dresses have bracelet sleeves that end above the wrist area. This type of sleeve is perfect if you love to wear and show off your accessories. 

Bell sleeves are like bell-bottom pants but for your arms. They feature thin piped arms that widen after the elbow, which gives them a bell-like structure. Bell sleeves are prominent in 3/4th and long-sleeve types. You can find formal blouses and ethnic wear with bell sleeves. 

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Half Sleeves Not the usual 3/4th sleeves, we are talking about the real half sleeves. The half sleeves end above the shoulder. Half sleeves are more like the characterization according to length. However, you can mix other designs with half sleeves to make them look unique. 

Petal Sleeves Petal sleeves are the horizon of sleeve creativity for me. I love the sweet folded patterns like flowers. The petal sleeves have two halves that overlap each other. Most petal sleeves are short in length. The petals can give an elegant design to any dress effortlessly. 

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These are the top 10 most used types of sleeves and their names. Now you can use the technical terms to help your designer for a perfectly styled dress. Keep your taste and wardrobe versatile with uniquely designed sleeves. Which one of these styles is your favourite? Tell us in the comments. 

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