How to Wear Skater Skirts

How to Wear Skater Skirts at Every Occasion?

How to Wear Skater Skirts
How to Wear Skater Skirts

Skirts are the most popular garment in the fashion industry for so many decades. In mid of 20’s the length of the dress used to determine the wealth and prosperity owned by the person. So to find out when someone kept the concept of the skirt in this society is quite hard. Skirts are never out of the trending zone, and it’s always amazing to see how old stuff gets reinvented. Fashion brands are subtle in offering us with these glamorous-reinvented designs in new shades and prints. There is an endless list if you go exploring the different skirts, but today I am offering you fantastic Skater Skirts. The way the skater skirt usually falls is an A-line, and it is typically worn high-waist with a hemline above the knee. They generally are made up of light cloth material, which helps to intensify the flares to provide the flowing effects and highlighting the pattern of stitching. This smooth flowing effect provides with a rippling illusion that mimics the skirts of figure skaters, hence the name Skater Skirt. 

Women think thousands of times typically before picking up any garment. If you think these skirts are meant for young girls only, then you better think twice, there are a dozen fantastic skater skirt designs that work great for all ages. Nowadays, the various appealing designs and lengths offered by different brands make it easy to be worn by women of any age. Skater skirts also go well in seasons, be it summer, autumn, or even winters. A sweater top with warm tights under the skirt, those warm-furry winter boots, and styling it whole with a chic coat to keep the entire look safe. See, it keeps you trendy along with the coziness. Yes, this flattering fashion staple is quick to wear; up or down, but these skirts defies the concept of age and season. All you ever need is to worry about what to accessories it with and the appropriate clothes to go along with it. So without a due, let’s go through some styling ideas.

Read on to know more about how to wear the Skater skirts.

1. Black Skater Skirt

Whenever I am out of ideas regarding the clothes, I generally go with black. Black goes with everything. A plain light shaded blouse, or a Cosmo printed top goes fantastic with a black skirt. Black stockings underneath with a neat side bag will go to WOW! Your style.

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2. Leather Skater Skirt

A leather garment is always being a part of everyone’s closet, so why just go with black leather. I am particularly mesmerized by brown, cherry red, and golden leather skater skirts, which can go with any tank top and a short jacket. It also adds up extra glamour in the look without much effort.

3. Mermaid Scales Skater Skirt

Thinking something out of the blue, Mermaid Scales skirt is hotly nowadays. Wearing a loose black tee with a holographic mermaid scales printed skirt with a long necklace will amuse your mirror. You can also add black stockings if you feel so.

4. White Skater Skirt

It’s a hot summer day, don’t want to wear anything dark. No worries, white is your color today. Having a crop top on a white skirt along with a simple flat sandal is just classy and straightforward. But wait a second, don’t forget your sunglasses.

5. Solid Color/ Yellow High Waist Skater Skirt

Some solid colors do great when worn accurately. Yellow color skirt with a white lace bodysuit, open hair and studs in-ears do magic in the representation of your personality. It goes pretty well in any gathering and at any time of the day. Trust me.

6. Polka Dot Skater Skirt

Polka dot is always in fashion when they say size doesn’t matter. I think they are referring to polka dots only. Be it red or navy blue; you will surely rock those summer brunch parties wearing one of these, paired with a white top and a matching hairband.

7. Abstract Printed/ Abstract Green Yellow Skater Skirt

Thinking about a day on a beach but you are not comfortable wearing a bikini, don’t worry. An abstract printed skirt with a sexy crop top will do justice. You can still slay yourself without being uncomfortable and enjoying your day entirely.

8. Red Tartan Skater Skirt

Red tartan Skater skirt is the most vintage and all-time trending. Hey! Don’t think it’s just a schoolgirl skirt. It goes with all ages and looks stunning. It can be part of any occasion or outing. So just pick it without a second thought.

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9. Suspender Skater Skirt

This skirt is like fire, and still, it quickly goes with so many accessories and tops. You can collaborate with a full sleeve top, tank top, off-shoulder top or a high neck, boots, heels or flats, buns, braids, or open hair. It will going to flaunt you in every way. 

10. Shimmering Skater Skirt

 A woman’s life is incomplete without a shimmer. So a shimmering skater skirt is the best choice for a night out. It will add an extra glam in the look, and for sure, all eyes will be on you. Don’t be afraid to take a bit risk and just shimmer in your way.

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These were some of the exciting ways to wear skater skirts. Next time you are going out for a comfy day at the park or to the beach, you know exactly what to wear and how to wear it. Without any doubt, go with it and tell us about those flattering compliments you get through our comment section. You can even share with us your way of wearing the skater skirt. We at Hauther love to hear from you and always welcome new ideas and suggestions.

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